4 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Flat In Ranchi

Finding the right rental apartment in a new city requires lots of time and patience. If you are a person new to the city Ranchi, you must either take the help of any colleagues or other friends to find out the right apartment which suits with your lifestyle. While going through the apartment hunting process, it can be hard to remember all the questions you need to ask. So better, you make a checklist of what all question should be asked to the landlord. If you prefer an apartment tour to find out flats for rent in Ranchi, the visit will help you to ask questions directly related to the space, features and facilities available. Before you fall in with an apartment, make sure you ask the right question because once you sign the lease it would become difficult to break it. While preparing questions, you must consider the rental policies, amenities, rental price and parking facility.

4 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Flat In Ranchi

Questions to be asked to the landlord before renting the flat

  1. Budget

Once you fix an apartment, you must ask the landlord what the rent is and how often the rent increase. You must also ask them, what all utilities are included in the rent. Sometime the landlord will pay for the garbage removal, water and cable. The rent will be calculated based on the utilities available, so you must make clear what all utilities are available within the apartment premises and whether its charges are included in the rent or not. You must clearly ask the landlord whether he would increase the rent yearly or after 6 months. Ask about the renewal rate and a high renewal rate may create trouble for you in the future, so to avoid financial crisis in future, you must be aware of the renewal rate.

  1. How Old is the Building

It is very important to know how old the apartment is because this would give you a correct picture whether renovation is required or not. If the building is too old, the drainage and sewage facility may not in a proper condition. The bathroom tiles may be stained and the toilet may not be clean. So you must avoid renting an apartment in Ranchi which is too old. Old apartments may not have lift facilities. It may also lack other required amenities like shops, grocery store, playground and swimming pool. You must ask whether any repairs are going to happen in the coming month. You may not be interested to live in a construction area, so choose apartments which doesn’t have old structure.

  1. The Comfort

Only you would be able to know what kind of living arrangements you would adjust to, so you must personally visit the apartment before signing the lease agreement. You must ask the landlords whether bus and car facilities are available near to the apartment and is it safe to reach the apartment premises even at late night. Ask about your neighbours whether they are family or bachelors. Ask whether you can handle things on the wall and whether you can change the wall color of your bedroom or other rooms.

  1. The Amenities Available

First, you must make clear about the parking space available in the building or whether you would require to park your vehicle on the street. You must be able to access the parking space easily. Ask the landlord what all appliances are included how much extra you have to pay for the appliances along with the rent. Ask the landlord to show you the place to wash the clothes and the appliances available are serviced on time or not.

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