4 Reasons Why Private Flying Is On The Rise

Contrary to popular belief jet-setting or private flying is not just something reserved for the rich or A-list celebrities. As technology is advancing and ground transport is becoming overcrowded private aviation is on the rise. Due to simpler forms of manufacturing and cheapers materials, building a private plane suited for four to eight passengers is not as expensive as it used to be. Some of these private flights are as expensive as commercial flight first class or business class tickets.

Wouldn’t it be great to fly your family up to your vacation house instead of dreading the long and tiring drive? Flying is the safest form of travel, and if there is a way of using this means of transport easily and affordably, it is understandable that private aviation’s popularity will grow.

This article will take a look at some of the factors leading to the rise of private aviation in the modern times.

Commercial VS Private Pricing
The main reason for the cost reduction of private jets is the economic crisis. Private airplanes and jets are still being sold for less than half of its price in 2008, and private flying is definitely not at its peak. Because of this financial situation the aviation sector has had to adapt to the changing economic times. This has led to a lower of prices, making the private flying affordable for a group of individuals that could not afford it previously.

Another way private flying is being made more cost effective is by giving the passengers the option to ‘buy’ time in the air instead of buying the Jet itself. There are certain packages available for the individual to fly for instance, 25 hours at a price of $ 250 000.

No Airport Hassle

One of the greatest benefits of private flying is the fact that you skip the tiring airport ordeal.  Private jet flights make use of Fixed Base Operators for their departures. These bases are just small offices used for private flight operation. You don’t have to stand in lines or be at the airport hours and hours before your flight. Chances are that you will get the chance to meet your pilot before the flight as well. The entire experience is rather personal and being stressed out about tickets, luggage and security officers are not a problem.

Empty Leg Flights
Not everyone is aware of the fact that about a third of commercial flights are empty. These flights are those returning back to base or flying back to a certain destination. Up until the recent recession aviation companies have not made these ‘empty seats’ available for purchase but if you are looking for a cheaper flight option, this is now a possibility. Private jets and normal commercial flights will sometimes advertise these flights and individuals would be able to contact them regarding flight information. Through relevant social media searches you will be able to discover these golden flying opportunities in no time. This is just a way for the airline companies as well as those flying to save money and ‘split the gas’ if you can call it that. This might not be one of the main reasons private flying is on the rise, but it is definitely one of the reason why the average person can afford a private jet flight.

Cheaper Construction Materials
Just like the advancements in technology are pushing the development and progression of complex systems in aviation, the advancements in construction materials are also playing a big role in the rise of private flying. If it costs less to construct an airplane and there is a way of using less fuel when flying, aviation itself will become much cheaper. In the past airplanes were made of a canvas stretched over a wooden frame, these days the structures are made out of aluminum structures, with certain alloys for areas that are lighter. Other materials within the plane include fiber glass, steel, titanium and carbon fiber materials such as polyurethane. The use of polyurethane sheet as material in airplanes can be beneficial in the fields of cut and tear resistance, comprehensive and tensile strength, cost saving as well as faster prototyping.

The use of product materials such as urethane as composite has played a big role in making the construction of airplanes cheaper, lighter and in effect, faster.

These are just a few factors influencing the popularity and rise of the private flying industry. Before we know it, we can all be jetsetters.

Kate Simmons is an occasional blogger and freelance writer currently working for a plastic company.


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