4 Steps To A Friendlier Kitchen For The Family

As the heart of the home, the kitchen should be accommodating to the rest of the family. It should allow you to prepare, cook and serve meals without bumping into furnishings or tripping on the floor; it should have accessible storage solutions so that kids can easily grab their food; and it should do double duty as a space where the family can gather. If your kitchen is not anywhere near these things, it’s about time that you tweak it a little bit so as to make it friendlier to your family. Here are four easy steps to do just that.

Make safety a priority

No matter the shape, size or design of your kitchen, it should be safe at all times. Ideally, the kitchen should not double as a playroom. However, kids just can’t resist the idea of becoming little helpers while you bake, tinkering stuff around the kitchen. In such case, you have to make sure that you stash away sharp and pointed items as well as cleaning liquids in storage solutions that are out of children’s reach. To make sure that the floor does not become a slip hazard, cover it with slip-resistant mats.

Maintain organization

Aside from safety, another common denominator of family-friendly kitchens is organization. An organized space ensures that things are positioned in the right place and can be accessed without difficulty, thereby reducing the possibility of accidents.

In order to maintain organization inside the kitchen, stuff open shelves with matching baskets where you can corral your supplies. Again, keep safety in mind when you organize the shelves and cabinets. Keep all of the items you don’t want the kids to get into at a height they cannot reach. Also, remember that keeping the kitchen organized at all times takes a lot of discipline. Hence, teach your kids to return all the items they get in their respective storage spaces and never forget to practice what you preach.

Carve out a family nook

If you want to make the most out of your kitchen and turn it into a comfy hub, let it do double duty by carving out a space where the family can gather while you prepare and cook the food. You can create a breakfast nook in one corner by propping a table and chairs. If space is at a premium, consider dividing the kitchen island into an impromptu dining area and chef workspace. Just remember to keep the seats away from the stove, knives and cutting board if all these things are in your kitchen island.

Allow ample amount of light

To make the kitchen more homey, double up on your lighting. Install new track lights to provide ambient light to the room. Plug-in strips under the cabinets will lend a warm glow to countertops and at the same time illuminate dark areas under the cabinets. To take advantage of natural light during the day, consider using sheer fabrics for your window treatments or you may even leave your kitchen windows bare for ultimate natural illumination.

This home improvement advice was written by Ericka. Aside from providing insightful posts about home organization, maintenance and décor, Ericka is also fond of discussing things related to gardening. She is also a regular contributor for McIntye Masonry, a company boasting the best stonemasons in Ayrshire.

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