4 Tips To Find The Perfect Estate Agent

We’ve had enormous trouble with our real estate agent the last few months, after finally finding the perfect real estate company we thought it would be a great idea to make a list of things you should look for in a real estate agent to see if they have your best interests at heart. You get companies who are more concerned about getting you the perfect home than getting a high commission on their payroll, and those are the kind of companies you should be looking for. That’s why these tips will help you find them!

1.     Telephone Etiquette

Nothing gets me more than an agent who’s bad on the phone. I’m talking about being rude, answering with a “yes?” instead of a “good morning” or struggling with the transfer buttons (and the mute one especially). If your estate agent has great telephone etiquette you’ll know that they have gone for training or they have experience in their field, since they have to talk on the phone every day.

2.     Professional Website

Websites are a great showcase of what a company is capable of. I love doing my research on the internet about companies. What better way to do research than going on a company’s website and learning more about their mission, estates and agents. If they have a decent website, you know they’ll also invest into other areas of their company, such as training and equipment.

3.     Wants to make you happy

The best indicator of finding a great real estate agent is that they will go out of their way to find you the perfect home and to keep you happy. They’ll be honest with you about the infrastructure of homes and if something is amiss in the house. Our current estate agent was honest and open and would tell us about internet problems or construction plans for the year.

4.     Dependable

Agents have to be dependable when dealing with you. When they say “I’ll get right back to you” or arrange a meeting they have to keep to their word. You will know you have an expert real estate agent if they live up to all their appointments and they are always on time. Another way to gauge an agent’s dependability is to research the company they work for. If the company is dependable then the agents usually receive great training and have high standards to uphold.

Len has always had an unusual obbsession when it comes to anything regarding property and real estate, so much so that she has been caught spending her free Saturday’s harassing estate agents in Johannesburg for tips and trade secrets.

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