4 Tips To Help You Fight The Flu

Many people got hit hard after the holidays. The flu and the common cold is spreading fast. If you were knocked out or still feel sick, these natural remedies can help.

There are natural things you can do and add into your daily routine for an added health boost. Try any one of these to help you recover faster.

1. Drink More Water
Staying hydrated is the key to helping you recovery from any illness.

Drinking water can help flush out toxins in your body and also remove unwanted bacteria and food particles in your mouth. Drinking extra water can help prevent cavities. Green tea is great antioxidants which can help fight off the flu as well. The more fluids you drink the healthier and happy you can be.

2. Eat More Ginger
Eating ginger can help fight off the flu. Ginger naturally has anti-inflammatory properties in it, which can help you ease muscular discomfort. Plus, studies show that people who eat ginger have less stomach aches and nauseous. Eat more ginger to feel better fast.

3. Spice it Up
Making fresh juice in a blender or juicer is a great way to detox and help aid the body in healing. If you normally juice, spice it up. Add a little zing to your favorite recipe fruit smoothie. Add sliced peppers or jalapeno peppers to your regular soups, smoothies and juice. It will help boost your energy in a natural gentle way, and jalapeno pepper heat helps stimulate the nasal cavities that can help clear out mucus.

Eating spicy foods can help you feel better because they have antibacterial properties, which will naturally help fight chronic sinus infections.

4. Add More Milk
Drinking milk is good for you. The calcium can help build strong muscles and strong bones. If you are feeling sick you can drink warm mild to help aid the sore throat and clear out bacteria in your mouth. This will help you ease your indigestion.

Almond milk, soymilk and coconut milk are all great alternatives to the regular cows milk. Milk is loaded with calcium, which can help rev up the internal system and help strength your immune system.

If you are fighting the flu or any type of sickness, warm up a glass of milk, or add milk to your tea for added comfort.

Milk is also good for your bones. It can help strength your teeth and help you smile more confidently. If you suffer from any type of sickness these tips can help.

For more health advice visit the Doctor at Laurelhurst Dentistry, a dentist in Portland OR. Shannon Kaiser is a wellness writer and blogger for the healthcare proffesionals in Oregon.

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