4 Ways To Child Proof A House

When it comes to setting up a home, there are many things that are taken into consideration such as current trends, tastes of the owner, and so on. One thing that does come into play in many homes is the safety and comfort of children.

In homes with no children, this isn’t even a topic of discussion but once a child comes into the mix, their safety must be prioritized in every way including the setup of the house. As a result, there is a need to childproof your home which can be done in the following steps: 

Sharp Objects 

Children are naturally curious and tend to want to play with whatever objects they can get their hands on. While this might be harmless in the case of toys, they could also hurt themselves with sharp objects if left unattended. If you plan to have a child over at your house, it is best to remove all sharp objects from easy reach.

All kitchen knives should be kept in a drawer with a lock on it. Sharp decorations should be kept out of reach of the child and sharp edges of glass furniture should be covered with childproof edge protection. These steps go a long way to make sure the child cannot hurt themselves.

Sockets and wires 

Electricity is a miracle that has made homes all over the world easier to live in and has made life overall more enjoyable. Electricity is, however, potentially dangerous and children playing around sockets and naked wires could easily hurt themselves.

Make sure there are no naked wires in your home under any circumstances and explain to the child that they are not to play with electrical appliances. As for sockets, make sure you either use childproof socket attachments or have childproof switches and sockets purchased from a retailer such as Lampwise. This will help minimize the chances of potentially fatal incidents involving a child.

Medicines and toxins 

Children are notorious for putting random things into their mouths like toys and anything they think might be edible. Unfortunately, it is possible for a child to mistake medicine or an otherwise harmful substance as edible.

Keep all medicines out of reach of the reach of the child, preferably in a high cabinet. Keep putting labels on all of them and inform the child that they are not allowed to eat anything without permission. Toxic substances should also be kept away. As an added measure, keep a guide on what to do in the case of accidental ingestion of harmful substances.

Heavy items

Because of their natural curiosity, children are known for playing with large and heavy items such as cleaning equipment. These could be dangerous due to the child not knowing how to operate them. As much as possible, keep these items away from the child and inform them that they are not allowed to play with them.


It is your responsibility to make sure that any child who stays in your home is kept safe. Follow the above tips to childproof your home.

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