5 Advantages Of Federated Single Sign-on Can Give Your Organisation

It is natural for a person to forget a username or password for an account or two, if he has many accounts that he uses regularly. In case of an organisation it can be a cost to help employees recover forgotten passwords. Federated Single Sign On can help organisations provide for a single authentication, username password, to their users that helps the users access multiple applications and digital resources from a business.

5 Advantages Of Federated Single Sign-on Can Give Your Organisation

One of the biggest advantages organisations enjoy implementing a federated single sign on, is that the user’s digital identity is stored in a single place and is controlled by the user’s organisation.

There are many other benefits the organisation can benefit from as mentioned below:

  • Savings: Employees forgetting their passwords and requesting for a reset can cost an organisation as much as $25 as per Forrester, $22 according to Gartner,add to that the loss of productivity due to downtime. Federated Single Sign On can save organisations valuable money and productivity time as there is one username password that the employee has to remember, while administrative costs dive due to automated internet user account management.
  • Improved Security: An average employee maintains 15 passwords on average that includes both private and official accounts. There is every possibility the individual gets the passwords jumbled or stores them at unsafe locations like their workstation using sticky notes, or on word documents. The password getting to the wrong hands can cause security breach. In case the IT dept. in the organisation handles user access manually there is a possibility of ‘zombie accounts’ meaning accounts that are still active while the user is deactivated due to change of job etc. Federated SSO that provides for centralised user access ensures that when a user is deactivated all access he had to applications or other digital resources is also deactivated.
  • Improved productivity: As noted earlier an employee forgetting his password will need the help desk to assist which is not just a cost but also a time consuming procedure. Having a federated SSO saves users valuable time he would otherwise spend on redundant sign-on attempts across applications, utilising the available time for conducting more critical business activities. In terms of the workforce a federated SSO would mean the employees would require to just remember one set of credentials which if enabled for mobile and internet can help employees be more productive on the go.
  • SSO enabled on mobiles can increase benefits: As more and more people are getting connected to the internet through their devices be it smartphones or tablets there is a rising interest among the users of such devices to be able to accomplish tasks on the go. Providing the employees the access can enable employees to spend more time working on the mobile devices. Organisations wishing to enable SSO on mobiles and other such electronic devices can bring in additional security features such as multi factor authentication that would require users to not just use passwords but other identification for example biometrics etc.
  • Better user experience: first and foremost the employees experience turns pleasant as they do not have to use multiple credentials to make use of the multiple applications or digital resources, one set of credentials will enable seamless access that will keep them upbeat and less frustrated. Federated SSO can streamline interactions with customers and partners as well.

As mentioned above Federated SSO provided as an Identity and Access Management feature within the organisation can boost the performance of employees that will invariably translate to success for the organisation, besides addressing major factors such as cost and security.

Businesses that have multiple consumer facing online properties can also use the Single Sign-On feature provided by Customer Identity and Access Management service providers such as LoginRadius to help customers access their multiple properties using one username password, on multiple channels. Providing SSO to customers will ensure they have a seamless experience engaging with the multiple online properties through multiple channels your business owns, while you enjoy the benefits of a unified profile for the individual customer.

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