5 Amazing Tropical Colleges

When you are choosing a college to attend, it is important to take the climate of the school into account. Tropical colleges and universities are among the most beautiful educational institutions in the world, with lush greenery and exotic wildlife. Locals and foreigners alike attend these schools for the unique location and superior educational programs that they often offer. If your dream college is a school in the tropics, the list below will help you choose the right educational institution for you. Whether your sights are set on school in Florida, The Bahamas, or Puerto Rico, your wishes can easily be fulfilled.
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1) University of the Virgin Islands
University of the Virgin Islands: This public university is purported to be one of the best schools in the Caribbean. With 45 degree programs and more than 2000 students, this Virgin Islands school is rapidly gaining international attention. It has many prestigious programs in a variety of subjects, including nursing, business and children’s education. Bright young visionaries travel from across the world to attend the University of the Virgin Islands for its unmatched beauty and enlightening educational facilities.

2) The University of Tampa
The University of Tampa: Located in Tampa, Florida, this tropical school is very popular with American students who are looking for a fun place to learn. Florida’s heavily populated tropical areas are well-known in the United States and have caused the place to be populated with nature enthusiasts. The University of Tampa has more than 150 areas of study for its eager students, including environmental sciences, philosophy and marine biology. Make sure that you check out The University of Tampa for a tropical experience mixed with United States culture.

3) Caribbean University
Caribbean University: For this school, the name almost speaks for itself. Caribbean University is one of the finest educational institutions for those who want to study in Puerto Rico’s beautiful tropical climate. The culture of this commonwealth is vibrant and unique, with local foods that will knock your socks off and an atmosphere that is conducive to productive studying. If you’re looking for a school that offers both pleasurable and intellectual activities, look no further than Caribbean University. Spend your days studying on the beach with friendly locals!

4) Hawaii Pacific University
Hawaii Pacific University: Also known as “Hawai’i Pacific University”, this school combines professional faculty with top-notch facilities for its 8000 students. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, young people from around the world travel to this university to study academics and be a part of Hawaii’s colorful culture. If you are looking for diversity, Hawaii Pacific University is definitely for you; it boasts a population of students from all 50 American states and more than 100 other countries. Whether you are interested in anthropology, Asian studies or applied linguistics, you will find a place here.

5) The College of the Bahamas
5) The College of the Bahamas: The College of the Bahamas is offers four-year degrees and is steadily gaining ground for university status. It offers programs in a variety of areas, including business, communication and technology. Coupled with the inherently rich culture of the Bahamas, this college is commonly reported as second to none in its dedication to giving its students a quality education. Tropical beauty and fascinating lessons await you at The College of the Bahamas!

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