5 Benefits Of Using A Tablet For Business

When it comes to using a tablet for business as opposed to using a tried-and-true laptop, some are dragging their heels a bit and you may be one of them, but the truth is using a tablet can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Everyone who vouches for it can’t be wrong. However, when it comes to your business, it’s understandable how you don’t want to make a rushed decision about an expensive purchase.

The tablet has been around for awhile but only recently started gaining in popularity, and there’s good reason for it. Sure there are downsides to using it, but the benefits typically far outweigh the cons, especially when it comes to using it for business.

As mentioned above, it’s important to know all the best reasons for buying a tablet and understand what exactly it can do for you and your business before you shell out your hard-earned cash. So what are the benefits of using a tablet at your job?


In February 2012, the average price of a notebook computer was $672. At the end of the first quarter of 2012, the average price of a tablet was $386. For what you would pay for one laptop, you would be able to get two tablets if you throw $100 extra in. That’s a pretty big difference, especially if you’re calculating the cost for a few people.


One of the best reasons to get a tablet is the portability of it. As thin and lightweight as laptops are, they can still be bulky and take up more space than a tablet. The weight of a laptop typically averages between 4 and 5 pounds while the average weight of a tablet is around 1.25 pounds. It may not seem like a lot of weight, but you’ll feel it if you’re carrying the gadget on a day-to-day basis or while traveling. If you’re worried about someone snatching up the small and very portable device, an iPad rotation lock can easily help you with that concern.

Battery Life

Being able to have a gadget that has a long battery life is important, especially if you work in business and even more so if you’re out on the road often for your job. The average battery life of a laptop is 3-4 hours whereas the average tablet can last up to 8.43 hours – more than half the time of a laptop. Sure you can get extra laptop batteries that last longer, but they can be pretty bulky and can still need to be replaced after a couple of years.

Auto Save

There’s been more than enough times when I lost files on a laptop because I forgot to save them. Almost everyone has had that moment when you lost a document and wanted to shake the computer screaming “Give it back!” The iPad has autosave which allows you to automatically save your documents as well as recover them. Talk about having fewer headaches and issues.


You can do almost everything and then some with a tablet that you were used to doing with your laptop. It includes many of the same features that are improved and easier to use, so your clients (and you) can get the information faster and easier.

Here are some of the convenient aspects using a tablet will get you and your clients:

  • Easy hand-off – Did you ever try to pass a client a laptop to show them information? It’s pretty awkward. Hand over a tablet and it’s no problem.
  • Easy access – Unlike a laptop, the iPad powers up immediately and doesn’t take time to load up. Much better than having to turn on a laptop and telling a client to wait a couple of minutes while everything loads.
  • Apps – There are typically better apps available at cheaper prices for iPads than what’s available for laptops. Depending on the apps you purchase, it could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Presentations – The images, videos and overall quality of presentations are said to be better on an iPad than on a laptop. It’s easier to get access to different files and share the info.

When it comes down to it, using a tablet in the workplace is the future – and the present – and it’s a wise move to at least consider incorporating it into your business. It could just be what takes your business to a whole new level.

Lauren Romano is a freelance writer who loves her gadgets and frequently surfs www.locksondemand.com to find out how to keep them safe. She admits to having a weakness for pina coladas and sleeping with a ton of pillows. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with family and friends in NYC.

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