5 Best Cloud Storage Options

With cloud being a new thing in town, companies offering cloud services are too ambitious. And this is why, we see many companies giving free storage options to attract customers. With a number of public clouds available today, you can avail around 112 GB of free online storage space. But all of them are not similar; each one has a different functionality. All public cloud vendors, providing free storage options, have their pros and cons. Let’s find out top five cloud providers available today:

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud gives you 5 GB free space after you sign up. Its best feature is that the music you buy from Amazon can be uploaded on the cloud drive for free, and also supports Kindle tablets. Though it is often criticized for its access policy, which allows it to penetrate into any content of its users, it is functionally the best service and that is why we have it on number 1.

  1. Apple iCloud

Like Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple iCloud also offers 5 GB of free space, and quite predictably, it unites all your Apple products. It can bring photos, videos, files and browsing tabs to all Apple devices. Moreover, there is also a control panel available for Windows. Keynote, Pages and Numbers are a few apps that can help with content management in iCloud.

  1. Dropbox

Unlike iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox only offers 2 GB of free space on sign up. However, it’s just perfect at its job. A very popular cloud service provider, Dropbox for pro and team edition uses SSL AES 256-bit encryption. Its desktop application (functions on Windows, OS X and Linux) allows you to upload any file, without size restrictions. But when uploading is done through its website, the size limit is only 300 MB. One of the best ways to earn free storage on this cloud service is to bring more people. With every person that signs up because of you, you get 500 MB of free storage and can earn up to 16 GB that way.

  1. Google Drive

There’s probably no web user who doesn’t know about Google Drive. The best part about Google’s Cloud is that you get to save as many files as you can, provided they are Google Docs. You can convert any file to Google Doc format by just copying its contents on Google Document. Although, Google has limited the conversion to 2 MB only, you can save 10 MB of non-Google Doc files on the cloud. Spreadsheet has a limit of 20 MB which means approximately 256 columns. You can easily edit Google Docs through the app, but other applications are to be used for editing non-Google Docs.

  1. Microsoft SkyDrive

With Windows 8 interface, Microsoft provides 7 GB of initial free storage, which is by far the largest. It has some limitations on uploading of data, 300 MB for web browser and 2 GB for desktop applications (Windows and OS X). Microsoft is a show stealer when it comes to supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Therefore, Microsoft Sky Drive can be considered as the ‘premier cloud’ for smartphones. Another interesting feature is “forgot something” that can fetch anything from the PC which has not been uploaded on the cloud.

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