5 Best Places For A Tourist Helicopter Ride Experience

Helicopter rides can be thrilling when you want to see tourist sites from a high vantage point or make the most of your time with a quick overview of an area jam-packed with things to see. These trips also are a great opportunity to take some fantastic photos of specific sites, making your vacation portfolio stand out. Here are some ideas of places to book your next helicopter tour.

Hawaii – Different island tours can show you the lush scenery in contrast with spectacular volcanic activity, particularly at night during colorful lava flows into the sea. For the more adventuresome, some tours offer a “doors off” option on the helicopter as you whip low along the coastline. Bring your camera for one-of-a-kind scenic shots to add to your vacation album. Tour companies are numerous in this area focusing on different aspects and locales, so it can be worth it to compare agencies for options and rates.

Switzerland – To see the Alps from above can be breathtaking, and these tours do not disappoint. From this moving vantage point in the air, you can get a close-up view of the Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in the range. You may even see climbers on their way up or down from their own personal adventures on thin-air peaks. These views are the chance to see the mountains up close without doing the heavy work of climbing.

China – A helicopter tour makes a journey to the Great Wall of China a breeze while offering a spectacular overview. You can see the scope of this massive wall as you sweep along overhead. Some agencies organize these flights along with walking tours for a more comprehensive study of this wonder of the world. Check with local vendors on reservations and times of operation.

New York – You can have your pick of tours in this city and its various helicopter tours available, depending on the amount of time you want to spend in the air. You can see the skyline up close or zip around the Statue of Liberty and other local landmarks. Tours of this nature can allow you to cover a lot more ground in the city than by foot, car or rail. If you are limited on time, this could be the perfect way to see Manhattan from end to end.

Africa – Various tour companies can book “air safaris” for you, which can be a combination of bush tours along with more scenic mountain or coastal vistas for you to observe from above. There can be a lot of sightseeing opportunities covered on these tours and may be the best way to see wide swaths of the continent along with its own special wildlife in natural settings. Some tour agencies can help you arrange to see specific sites in a personalized tour focused on your own areas of interest.

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