5 Best Places in India That You Can Explore Anytime

Traveling helps us to explore the true meaning of life and become one with our inner being. However, as they say, traveling can be a very expensive pastime. It is normal to keep the travel plans stagnant, to estimate the high travel expenses that match our international fantasies. Most of us postpone our plans until we earn enough to afford to take off on a trip date, but sometimes this kills all the charm.

However, there are some places that will not be eaten in your bank balances, while offering the complete ease of packing and landing without much advance planning. And as you can imagine, India is full of such places. Find here top 5 places to Visit in India that you can explore anytime.

Where To Visit In India With A Reduced Budget

India has a number of places that can be traveled on a small budget and the good thing is that they are all incredibly beautiful. Yes, it is not necessary to plan in advance your travel expenses when you have fascinating places that can be traveled at any time without months of savings and prior planning. These are the five best places in India that you can explore at any time you need to satiate your passion for travel without spending a lot of money:

1. Kerala

There are a number of places in “God’s own country” – Kerala that can be explored significantly on a small budget. From the sparkling backwaters of Alleppey to the lush vegetation of Munnar, Kerala is here to pamper you with options for cheap travel. A houseboat in the Amazonian desert of Alleppey can be rented for as low as INR 5, 500 for two with the four meals included. A trip to the picturesque city of Munnar would also be within your budget, since staying at the Munnar houses will cost around 600 INR per night, with a meal costing around $ 100 per meal. Varkala, a coastal city in Kerala can also be explored at any time due to your economic stays and accommodation.

Spending a bit of your time to volunteer in meaningful activities is completely satisfying in the bustling Kerala. Make a positive change in Kerala from your stay in the budget by getting involved in volunteer opportunities. Helping people in nature’s paradise will not cost you money and you will return as an enriched traveler. Apart from this, if you want to spend little much more and wants to spend your trip in Luxury then you should book Maharaja Express Train which is the most popular luxury train in the world.

Kerala Bacwaters

2. Goa

When you’re in Goa, live like the Goans. Get your accommodation in one of the cheap family homes that Goa offers, rent a bicycle at land price between 250 INR and INR 500, and tour the state exploring the beaches and pristine cafes that are on the roads of this highly publicized state. From the alcohol-soaked north to the serene south, Goa is a sunny sand park that would be an ideal holiday destination for all those seeking a cheap but pleasant place to explore in India. It is a delight for backpackers and the favorite a party animal, a paradise for beach lovers and a paradise for peace lovers. From the picturesque beaches and architecture of Portugal to the churches, fortresses and local markets,

To make your budget stay in Goa more meaningful, sign up for volunteer programs in Goa. Dedicate a day or two to any of the education, health care or daycare organizations so your trip to Goa is even more edifying and affordable.

Goa Beaches

3. Himachal Pradesh

What better place to spend your time than in the lap of the green and snowy mountains and next to the perennial rivers? Himachal Pradesh is adorned with many picturesque places like Shoja, Kullu, Kasol, Lahaul and Spiti Valley, and Khajjiar, which you can explore at any time without worrying about the money you will spend. Shoja, Lahaul and Spiti are the most visited by those in search of an isolated place, far from the maddening crowd.

They have not been touched by commercialization, which makes the stay, the food and even travel economic. Kullu, Khajjiar, Kasol and Dharamshala are some of the gems of nature that will add charm to your travel diary. The trip may cost you a bit with the rates of private transport providers, but otherwise the food, the stay and the places to visit in these popular holiday destinations are quite affordable in Himachal.

You can even do some volunteer work in the lap of nature to illuminate your social conscience and possibly get your stay and food at no cost. From volunteering to conserve the environment to spending a day or two working with other volunteer organizations, any volunteer time will help you get even more out of your budget trip. The monasteries, temples and other religious sites in Himachal can even be visited through volunteering in the midst of peaceful nature.

Himachal Pradesh

4. Rajasthan

From the famous camel rides in Pushkar and the fortified walks in Jaipur to the lake in Udaipur and the cultural experience in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is home to several of the most economical places in India. Staying, eating and traveling within the cities of Rajasthan is very economical, with a trip of three or four days that costs between 800 to 6000 INR only. You can explore many touristic places in Rajasthan, such as splendid forts, royal forts, historical museums, colorful fairs, sandy deserts, pristine lakes, serene temples and other architectural wonders without wasting a fortune. And Rajasthan has a colorful culture that you do not want to miss too.

To improve your experience in this culturally rich state, you may also consider taking some volunteer work to give back to the communities you choose to visit. Dedicate one day of your itinerary to some type of social welfare program, such as teaching or public health, to make your trip to India even more useful. In addition, you will learn a lot about culture by working hand in hand with local people through your volunteer work.


5. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the many gems that are decorated from the tourist attractions of India. A paradise for nature lovers, exploring this state still does not require too much budget. Ooty and Kodaikanal are always the best budget traveler’s lists of the best places to visit in India, with Kodaikanal offering fried chicken and stays from just INR 20 to INR 200 and Ooty offering delicious meals from only INR 50 and incredible stays from INR 300. Explore the gardens, the lush vegetation, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, granite cliffs, tea plantations and, of course, taste the chocolates in this state can be done at rock-bottom prices.

It never hurts to sacrifice part of your time as a volunteer in social causes in Tamil Nadu, if only to feed your social conscience. The serenity, tranquility and greenery of Tamil Nadu offer the perfect environment for volunteering in India.


And there is more…

There are many more hidden places that await you in the different corners of India, all of which can be traveled at any time with a reduced budget. So, stop worrying about your budget and simply pack your bags and go to the best places in India for low budget travelers.

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