5 Best Sources Of Engineering Humor

The life of an engineer is steeped in hard work and glory. In between the technological breakthroughs, however, most men and women who work in this field spend many tedious hours in the office buried in math and science. Because of this, engineers possess a specific brand of humor that they use to their advantage. Here, for your enjoyment, are the five best sources of engineering humor.

Pain of Working on Complex Problems
Because engineers are constantly trying to solve many of the world’s problems, they often poke fun at themselves for the delight they take in mathematical concepts that would baffle amateur folks. Derivatives and integrals, for example, will find a lofty place in the humor of the day. Even more than this, however, engineers may think of themselves as caricatures of superheroes, especially when they are pushing through the pain of a very complicated mathematical equation. By pointing out the frustration that so often comes with their work, they can open up to others.

Engineers, though doing the grand work of society, are also kids at heart. For this reason, they often look to the Sunday comics for some of their humor. In fact, engineering professionals are generally known to love sarcasm. Most comics provide plenty of deadpan wit. In some cases, men and women can be found sitting around the laboratory discussing the latest sketches in the paper.

Classic Literature
Individuals who eventually go on to receive advanced degrees in engineering will obviously be smart. Many of them, in fact, are widely read. Classic literature, though it is not often laugh-out-loud funny, can be the source of many inside jokes. For example, a particular person who has a knack for getting into trouble might be declared Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn. Though more cerebral than many other types of humor, engineering wit seems to provide professionals with plenty of laughs during the work week.

The Intermixture of Long Work Days and Caffeine
Long days are part of the normal routine for people who work on large government projects. In fact, some engineers have serious caffeine addictions. Beginning the day with a full cup of hot coffee, many of them continue to sip additional cups as the afternoon wears on. Sodas and teas are also thrown into the mix. Though this is a often considered as part of the job, engineers are sometimes teased by their significant others about their caffeine addictions.

Most men and women who have decided to dedicate their lives to science and engineering will usually not be particularly enthusiastic about fashionable clothing choices. For this reason, engineers sometimes joke with each other about the old clothes that they wear. In fact, many professionals seem to be quite happy wearing a t-shirt and jeans to their workplaces. As long as the employees are performing well, most bosses are not usually concerned. Engineers are generally aware of their unfashionable habits and will be happy to joke about them with others.

In the end, engineers are truly a special breed. Though they work studiously at many of the finest public and private institutions in the country, they are not averse to kicking back and having a laugh from time to time. Most people who break into the profession will find that their colleagues are admirably witty when it counts.

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