5 BMX Tricks You Can Learn In One Afternoon

BMX bikes are a type of bike used to perform in freestyle bicycle motocross. This type of riding is composed of many disciplines that include flatland and dirt jumping.

Beginner tricks can be mastered in one afternoon if you have the right bike, flexibility and the desire to fall off your bike many times. BMX beginner bikes sit low to the ground to allow the rider to control the BMX. Frames are lightweight and this also helps the rider learn tricks in one afternoon.

Basic Bunny Hop

The basic bunny hop is one of the easiest BMC tricks. While riding your bike, lift the handle bars up and bring the front wheels off the ground. While the front wheels are in the air, push your body forward to lift the back tire up.

Both wheels need to be in the air at the same time. Flop back to earth. Keep practicing. The bunny hop is a basic move that leads to more advanced tricks.

Variations on the bunny hop will help you dismount in a very awesome fashion. Bunny hop and land on a curb using the pegs that are mounted on either side of the bike. Casually dismount your BMX and bow to the applause.

No-Handed Trick

Ride with both hands on the bars. Take away one hand from the bar and when you feel stable, remove the other hand. Practice makes perfect and brings confidence. Learning to ride with no hands is important to advance on to other tricks that require you to release the handle bars.


Yea! Pop a wheelie is a phrase heard in all BMX courses. While pedaling, pick up the front tire off the ground and keep on pedaling. This move helps you build a sense of confidence and develops balance.

Nose Wheelie

Once you have mastered a wheelie, and what kid on a bike can’t do a wheelie, as an alternative lift your front tire off the ground, bend forward a bit and move your feet behind you. Now, raise the back tire off the ground.

Nose wheelies are uncomplicated BMX actions but take a bit more practice. You need to use  the strength of your lower body to lift the back wheel without using your handlebars.

Brake Tricks

BMX brake tricks can easily be learned in one afternoon. One easy trick involves hitting your front brakes and moving your body forward, but only slightly. Bring your back tire off the ground. Be sure not to move forward too far or you will somersault over the handlebars.

Another brake trick that will take practice and dexterity is the nose pick or the foot jam. Hold your body above the front wheel while your bike is moving. Raise your foot off the pedal and wedge it into the space between the metal fork welded near the wheel and the wheel itself.

The bike will stop. The back tire lifts off the ground and you are balancing in space. Jump a couple of times on the front tire before removing your foot. You will look so very professional with this simple trick.

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This article was written by John Simpson who writes for Eureka Cycle Sports.

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