5 Bucket List Events For Sports Fans

A Bucket List is a relatively new term given to a list of things to do before someone dies. Whilst most bucket lists are different and open to interpretation there are many things which make most lists, examples include swimming with dolphins, visiting the Pyramids of Giza and many more.

Most lists contain over 100 things to do and rarely contain events but the following 5 lists are must see events for any sports fans around the world.

In no particular order, our top 5 events that should be on any sport fan’s bucket list:

5. See an Olympic Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of any Olympics truly is an amazing spectacle and makes any list for sure. The previous ceremony in London was one of the most watched events ever in the history of television.  The next Olympics will take place in Rio De Janiero and therefore this is one event to be at. A truly amazing event that should be on any Bucket List.

4. Super Bowl, USA
Whilst the Super Bowl is the final of two North American football teams in the US the event is watched my many millions around the world. The event truly is an American event with over 50% of the population watching and millions spent on this special day. The event takes place once a year in a major US city and is always sold-out. Definitely one for the list for American football fans.  

3. Wimbledon Tennis Final, UK
The next event on our Bucket list is to visit London in the summer and watch the final of the best tennis competition in the world, Wimbledon.  The tournament is played on grass and contains the best players in the world. Tickets for this tournament are often very expensive but one that we definitely recommend for any tennis fan to go to.

2. Champions League Final, Europe
Next on our list is the final of the biggest club competition not only in Europe but also in the world. The final takes place at the biggest stadiums around Europe each year and is the most prestigious competition in club football. The best players in the world play in the final and are always a fantastic event. We have added the Champions League final to our list as it truly is a magical spectacle and should be watched at least once before time passes.

Tickets for the Champions League Final are normally in very high demand and therefore getting your hands on might be difficult.

1. World Cup Final Game.
The football World Cup truly is an amazing event taking place every 4 years with 32 countries competing to be crowed champions of the world. Whilst the Olympics has more competitors and attracts many viewers nothing compares to the World Cup. Every country in the world event those that do not compete will watch the games with interest.  Those countries that are involved change for 3 weeks with most countries changing completely with national support reaching a high. For those even slightly interested in football then we recommend watching a world cup game before it is too late. Tickets for the next world cup in Brazil will be in very high demand and therefore it is good to apply early rather than later.

Bucket list events documented by James, Ticket Agent for Ticket Vago, specialists in tickets for major events.

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