5 Business Apps For Your Business

Top 5 picks from the countless business apps for enhancing your business productivity.

1.     EchoSign for iOS, from Adobe

Getting your contracts signed is now quick and easy with Adobe’s EchoSign. This e-signature app allows you to manage and sign the documents and prevent hassles involved with carrying paper contracts. You can use get documents or contracts from your Box, Dropbox, or Acrobat.com accounts or from the mobile device. These can then be signed immediately using EchoSign from the other party itself and sent back.

2.     RabbleBrowser for iPad, from Float MobileLearning

If you are looking for a collaborative web browser, RabbleBrowser makes communication easy across any number of iPads in a conference. You can share URLs, files and anything stored on Dropbox. Share a browsing session, chat with your colleagues in the meeting or send documents, the Wi-Fi can enable sharing with among the group. With the app, everyone in your team can see the same things at the same without creating confusions in web addresses or email attachments.

3.     QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 for Windows, from Intuit Inc.

QuickBooks is both a simple and user-friendly small business accounting software. It has an interesting blend of features that lets you track how your business is doing. There are also hundreds of add-ons in the Intuit App Center that integrate with QuickBooks and provided specialized functions. QuickBooks is a double-entry accounting system thus it is inline with the standard bookkeeping rules. It has a comprehensive built-in support system along with access to online troubleshooting database and community forums.

4.     Speaktoit, from Speaktoit.com

Rated as a top 10 NY Times App of the Year in 2012, Speaktoit is a virtual assistant for Android or iOS/Windows. It amazing features adds more to the productivity of employees. Two of its exciting features include calendar/meeting scheduling and stock exchange and other financial news/information. You can easily schedule business meetings through the app using your voice and also be reminded of your agenda. Moreover, users can receive automatic updates and notifications on stock quotes and market news as part of the daily briefings.

5.     Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft’s cloud solution, SkyDrive, serves Web, Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows clients. It provides an online storage for your documents and media files.  SkyDrive also facilitates folder syncing so that you can have a set of similar documents on all PCs. It lets you share your files via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or just via a link. You can control viewing options when sharing files ‘View only’, ‘View and edit’ or ‘Public’ access. Moreover, you can allow users with access to your shared files to comment on them. You can view documents, photos, video, or music according to type of data, client, or function. An interesting feature of the SkyDrive is that you can remotely access files in your PC even if they are not present in the SkyDrive folder. (This feature only works if the PC is on and connected to the internet, and the SkyDrive program is running)

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