5 Cool iPad Games That Make Learning Fun Again

Thanks to high-tech gadgets like the iPad, gaming consoles and Android phones, learning has become cool and fun again. Instead of computer and mobile games being played just to pass the time, they have become a learning tool that helps you know more about certain subjects in a cool and fun way!

Let’s say that you are a parent who has a toddler and you would like your son to learn about the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. The old fashioned way is to use flashcards or physical toys which you need to combine with your own voice so that your kid will learn what the sound of each letter is like. But when you have a gadget like the iPad, you will be able to attract the attention of your child who will not just learn about the sounds of the alphabet, but also find learning to be a cool instead of burdensome task.

The same thing holds true for adults who would like to learn a new language, know how to play an instrument, cook new recipes or do almost anything under the sun. With over 250,000 apps to download from the Apple store, there should be an app out there which will satisfy your needs to a tee. To get you started, here are the top five cool iPad game apps which make learning fun again:

GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic
By: National Geographic Society
When you’re about to go on your annual camping trip, the GeoBee Challenge HD is a must-download because it’s something that even parents will enjoy playing with their kids. Suited for kids aged 4 to 8, there are over 1,300 National Geographic Bee questions that will test everyone’s general knowledge. You can also tap, zoom and pinch your way around the interactive map which requires you to locate photos while helping you learn more about geography at the same time.

Math Ninja HD
By: Razeware LLC
Think of Math Ninja HD as the more high-tech version of old fashioned flash cards. Developed by Razeware, this iPad app is suited for both kids and adults aged 7 and up. The star of the game is Tomato-San who is building an army of robots to steal the player’s math treasure. Combining an arcade game with a really innovative way to sharpen kids’ math skills, this app is a definite must-have.

Presidents vs. Aliens
By: Dan Russel-Pinson
Next, what about a fun game that will let you learn about presidents? That’s exactly the premise of Presidents vs. Aliens which allows players to know more about fun facts, the nicknames, quotes and historical events related to presidents. When you answer questions correctly, you are helping presidents defeat the aliens, thus the name of the app.

Trucks HD
By: Duck Duck Moose
Yet another fun but useful app for young kids is Trucks HD. It teaches children valuable lessons about sorting, solving problems and sequencing by presenting them with entertaining trucks-related scenarios. Aside from helping develop their math skills, the children’s creative imagination will also be given a boost.

The 50 States – States, Capitals & Flags of the United States
By:  Exedria
Finally, kids and adults who would like to refresh their memory about the states, their capitals and flags can download “The 50 States” app by Exedria. The program includes games which help you identify state names, capitals and their corresponding flags. Quizzes, matching games, links to Wikipedia articles and a zoomable map of the US are also included in the app.

By downloading any or all of these apps, you can make learning fun again!

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