5 Crimes That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

We’re about a month into 2013 and countless horrific crimes have already transpired. You won’t believe the crimes that have been committed so far—and it’s only January. If you’re a bit macabre and are in a FTW kind of mood, check out these 5 crimes that will make you lose all faith in humanity.

1) Man Ran a Meth Lab Out of a Daycare
Dale Blumer was arrested at the beginning of the year on a felony charge of manufacturing meth out of his home, where his live-in girlfriend also ran the couple’s daycare center. The arresting officers found various chemicals required for manufacturing meth (which are toxic) as well as guns and ammunition present in the house. The police were unable to confirm or deny that children were present while the meth was being made. The cooking process releases toxic fumes into the air that the children at the daycare were being exposed to.

Way to set an example, Dale. . .

2) 15-Year-Old Sociopath Murdered His Whole Family
Nehemiah Griego killed his parents and three younger siblings, on Saturday, January 19th. Among the departed is Griego’s 2-year-old little sister, Angelina. After murdering his family, police say that Griego planned to murder the parents of his 12-year-old girlfriend, then randomly shoot people at a nearby Wal-Mart. Fortunately, he was caught before completing his massacre.

Griego had absolutely no history of mental illness and the reason he gave for massacring his family was that “he was frustrated with his mom.” If that doesn’t make you throw up a little in your mouth, I don’t know what will.

3) Meth-Dealing Priest
Monsignor Kevin Wallin of Bridgeport, Conn. is facing trial for selling up to $9,000 of methamphetamine per week! He also owned a North Haven, Conn., sex-toy and drug-paraphernalia shop called Land of Oz, which may have been used as a money-laundering front. He was also having gay sex on church grounds on a regular basis—so there’s that.

What are we supposed to think when the pillars of our communities behave like that?

4) Paroled Killer Keeps Mentally Disabled People Imprisoned in a Basement
Linda Weston, 52, of Philadelphia was preying on mentally disabled adults in a scam to steal their social security benefits. She tied up several people in her basement, causing the death of two victims through abuse and neglect, even forcing some into prostitution. This case will be the first time the federal hate crime statute will be used to protect mentally disabled people.

According to police reports, Weston tricked mentally disabled adults into making her their caretakers allowing her to legally collect social security benefits on their behalf. Police say the victims were often drugged, starved, deprived of medical care, and were forced to use buckets for the bathroom. One woman in her “care” died of starvation and meningitis making Weston eligible for the death penalty.

5) Couple Crams Kids in Plastic Storage Boxes as Punishment
James Taylor, pleaded guilty Tuesday January 22, to two counts of child endangerment and one count of unlawful restraint after a family friend came over and found that he had stuffed his children into plastic storage containers and left the house. The boxes were sealed shut with duct tape so the kids, ages 5, 6, and 8, couldn’t escape. The boxes had a small air hole cut into them so they could still breathe. How thoughtful.

Although police do not think the children have been put in these boxes before, it was part of a long list of other abuses the children experienced at the hands of their father and stepmother, such as having weights dropped on their feet. The worst part is, both parents struck a plea deal, greatly reducing their punishments. The father, James Taylor, will only serve one year behind bars, and the stepmother will only have to be on probation for two years.

Do these stories make you wish there was a way to find out if someone is a criminal right when you meet them? You can. Certain online background check sites like Instant Checkmate offer free criminal arrest records searches. Unfortunately, you can’t stop a criminal just from looking at them, but you can find out who has been arrested by running their name through a criminal records database.

Be good and be safe—there are some real sickos out there.

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