5 Financial Apps Every Business Owner Should Know About

If you are responsible for running a small business, then you undoubtedly know that small business owners must be able to fill a number of roles, whether or not they are particularly qualified – via education or experience – for some of them. One area where many entrepreneurs fall flat is that of business finance. Even if accounting is not your strong suit, you can manage your business’ money with great success, as long as you know which tools to use. Fortunately, the best tools are inexpensive and easy to come by. Here are five financial apps every small business owner should know about:

Expensify. If you need help tracking your expenses and you are tired of creating those cumbersome expense reports, then this app can help save you, literally, several hours a week. Rather than save your expense receipts and transcribe all of that important information into a report, simply scan the receipt, allow Expensify to decipher all of the important data, and wait for the app to deliver to you a complete expense report!

InDinero. Do you desire an up-to-the-minute and accurate picture of your current financial standing, at the touch of a key? If so, you’re going to fall in love with InDinero. This awesome app not only updates your financial data automatically as you input it, but it also streamlines other important financial processes like payroll and tax return filing.

Square. Looking for an easy-to-use credit card payment system that you can take with you anywhere you might go? If so, then you need look no further than Square. Simply plug the square-shaped extension into your mobile device’s USB port, download the app, and you are able to accept business credit card transactions wherever you go.

Freshbooks. Many small business owners would rate invoicing right up there with expense reporting, when it comes to most tedious things entrepreneurs must do. Freshbooks fully automates the invoicing process, whether you are the one sending out or taking in invoices. What’s more is that Freshbooks partners with other great apps (like Expensify and InDinero, for example) to aid the smooth running of your business from a number of different perspectives.

iMargin Professional. As you well know, figuring out pricing margins is not a simple thing to do. Fortunately, this app can make it a lot easier. iMargin Professional is an intuitive app that you can use to guide you through a variety of tasks, from determining an ideal sales price to calculating associated taxes.

As you can see, there is no shortage of awesome financial apps that can seriously take a load off of you, the small business owner. Why not make use of not one, but all, of these great apps?

About the Author: Deadra Plessner is an entrepreneur who is always looking for ways to improve her business. She’s exploring different financial apps, FreshDesk’s help desk ticketing system, and new cloud-based storage solutions.

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