5 Foods To Keep Away From Dogs

A dog is a faithful companion that can offer their owner many years of love and affection when they are fed a proper diet and are offered plenty of opportunities for exercise. One of the most important ways that a person can ensure their dog enjoys many years of good health is to feed them a diet that is designed for their specific breed. Although it may be tempting when a person’s favorite dog is begging, there are many foods that are not meant for dog consumption. Here, are the top five foods to keep away from dogs along with the health problems they can cause for a pet.
Dog Eating

Sweets are never a good snack for a dog; however, chocolate is especially toxic. All types of chocolate contain caffeine and a related compound that is called theobromide. For humans, these can create a momentary boost in energy, but for a dog, the effects will be stronger and can last for hours. The unfortunate side effects for a dog that eats chocolate include seizures, heart problems and even death.

Leftover Bones
Many people think nothing of tossing their leftover bones to their dog for a treat. Unfortunately, bones that are not specifically designed for animal consumption can pose a choking risk. Generally, all animal bones are hazardous for a dog’s health, but chicken bones can easily splinter and cause injury to a dog’s mouth and throat.

This fruit may be one of the healthiest foods for a human to eat, but dogs can experience kidney failure after consuming this treat. Although the true reason for its toxicity to dogs is unknown, researchers believe that it may be linked to a mycotoxin. Regardless of the reason, the potential for a harmful reaction also extends to raisins.

Garlic and Onions
Garlic and onions are commonly used by people to add flavor to their meals. In fact, it is very easy to overlook the addition of garlic and onions to leftovers before feeding them to a dog. These are dangerous to dogs due to their high amount of sulfoxides. When these are consumed in large amounts, the sulfoxides can damage a dog’s red blood cells and cause them to become anemic.

Even though guacamole can be quite tasty, dogs should never be fed avocados. This is due to the fact that avocados contain persin. In dogs, this substance can be toxic. Pet owners should also be alert to the fact that this chemical is in all the different parts of an avocado plant. Therefore, these should be kept away as well.

Although these five foods can be harmful for dogs, there are many safe alternatives that a person can give their pet. Chew bones and other treats that are made especially for dogs can help keep a dog happy while also safeguarding their health.

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