5 Ford Trucks You Should Test Drive

When it comes to trucks the name Ford always comes to mind. That is because Ford has been making some of the best trucks on the road now for a very long time. If you are in the market for a new truck, whether for your business or because you love trucks, there are a few that you just need to test drive so that you can see how great a truck they make. Here are the top 5 Ford trucks that you just need to test drive next time you are in the market.

The Ford F-150 XL
This is the basic F-150 model and it can be yours for under $25,000. What you get with the F-150 XL is a 3.7L V6 engine, trailer sway control and roll stability control. You get decent mileage in city and highway with city giving you 22 miles per gallon and highway at 23. The F-150 XL may be basic for Ford but when compared to others, it is a very good choice.

The Ford F-150 FX2
If the XL is the basic model, the FX2 is the midrange. The difference in the FX2 is that you get a 5 liter V8 engine as opposed to the V6 in the XL. You also get 18 inch machine aluminum wheels and you can customize the inside of the truck for your preference. The price ranges around $35,000 and it goes up depending on the additional features that you request. Mile per gallon city and highway is 22/21.

Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon
The Transit Connect is a truck that small businesses everywhere use. The basic model is the XL Van but for just a couple of thousand dollars more, you could get the XLT Premium Wagon which is the top of the line of the model. You get dual sliding side doors with solid panels on the Van. You also get a four speed automatic transition with overdrive and a city/highway of 22/27 miles per gallon.

The E-Series Wagon E-350 XLT Extended
The E-Series Wagon is another type of truck made by Ford that is great for business and the E-350 XLT Extended is the top of the line of the model. The price starts at $36,545 and additional features are up to you. You get a 5.4L EFI Triton V8 engine with a four speed automatic transmission. You also get advanced track with roll stability control for extra safety. You will love driving the E-350 XLT Extended so definitely take it for a test drive.

The Super Duty F-450 Platinum
When it comes to trucks from Ford, the F-450 Platinum is as good as you could possibly get. The starting price is $67,470 but it is worth every single penny. You get absolute luxury from this truck which includes adjustable pedals, a remote start system, mirrors-powerscope, trailer tow as well as many other features. This is probably the best truck that you could drive today and that doesn’t mean just from Ford.

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