5 Great Hairstyles For Brides On Their Wedding Day

Getting the perfect hair do for that big day is essential. With endless eyes staring, constant photos being taken and guests to impress, it is crucial that brides have a stunning hairstyle. From their shoes to their hair, brides need to feel 100% confident with the way they look on their special day, enabling them to feel gorgeous inside and out. Here are five great hairstyles for brides to pick from for their big day, bringing them one step closer to deciding upon those all-important wedding details. 

Beautiful bows
Every bride wants to feel elegant on that big day; the classic up do is intended to make them feel exactly that. A great look for ladies with long hair, a sophisticated bun will outline facial features and allow everyone to see those beautiful, enchanting eyes. A bun will also keep hair out of the way on that special day and allow ladies to look fabulous without getting frustrated. Brides looking to add that little bit of extra elegance to this traditional bridal hairdo should spice it up with a bow.  A great way to add more style, texture and detail to hair, a simple bow will work wonders.

A simple bow will make for a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle

Fabulous Flowers
Brides who want their hair to make a stunning statement should add flowers to their classic up-do. Matching floral hair decorations together with the bridal bouquet will make for eye-catching photos. For a sexier, more stylish look brides can use one, big floral decoration in hair or for a sweeter, more romantic look, brides can weave several smaller flowers into hair. 

Romantic Ringlets
Nothing is more romantic than beautiful ringlets placed loosely in an up-do. This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for brides wanting the classic, fairy-tale wedding. Brides wanting to achieve this look themselves should begin by dividing hair into sections. Next, using iron curlers or straighteners ladies should carefully curl each section of hair, pinning ringlets up using bobby clips when complete. Allow a few strands to hang loose in order to frame the face and create a romantic ambience. Brides should secure the style stays in place by using lots of hairspray, enabling hair to maintain its stunning appeal all day long.

Bold Braids
Brides wanting to make a bold statement should go for an incredibly detailed French braid. Ideal for brides planning on wearing a tiara, a French braid will give ladies an elegant look of royalty. Long braids will look gorgeous from behind, complimenting the intricate detail of wedding dresses beautifully. A style made for women with thick, lush hair, this fancy hair do is guaranteed to look fab when tied with coils of hair in replacement of a bobble. 

Delicate braided bands
Those who are planning to wear hair down on their big day should add a bit delicate detail with a braided headband. Using a small section of hair from either side ladies can create a cute, little plait and tie at the back. A great look to wear around the forehead as well; a braided headband will give brides that simple but sophisticated look. Those wanting to create a chic, hippie look can add a flower to the side of hair and add that little bit more detail to the hair style.

There is undoubtedly an array of great bridal hairstyles to choose from. Whether it’s creating a dramatic look with an intricate French plait or adding a bit of simple, elegant detail with flowers or a bow, there are many fantastic styles to choose from. With so many amazing hair do’s out there, brides shouldn’t wait another second to think about the style they want. If you are stuck for a wedding present idea consider giving a hair care gift set.

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