5 great TV in dishes to try

Forget the usual crisps, ice-cream, chocolate, or ordering from your local takeaway – there’s nothing nicer than spending a cozy night in, relaxing on the sofa, and watching the TV with some really delicious food. Unless you can’t get a decent picture, of course.

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For TV aerial installation Swansea is well-served, so get it sorted, grab your comfiest clothes, help yourself to drinks and feast on easy to eat food that doesn’t take forever to prepare, like these foolproof crowd-pleasers.

1. Upmarket cheese board

Assemble a selection of cheeses that you or your guests love on a sharing platter, add some fresh crusty bread or crackers, dishes of softened butter, relishes, and olives, and finish with some grapes. You can add some cured meat like salami too if that appeals. This is a great dish for TV nights because it can be picked at for a long time.

According to OneVision, specialists in TV Aerial Installation Swansea, whether you are viewing alone or with friends or you have family around too, delicious dishes like this are bound to help make it the best night in ever!

2. Dips and sticks

This is another one for the grazers, but to avoid rows over double dipping, it is best served on individual plates if you are not snacking solo. Prepare by washing and chopping vegetables you like, such as carrot, celery, peppers, and cucumbers, into sticks, and serve with either homemade or shop-bought dips and other treats like hummus. Add crackers for something more substantial.

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3. Gourmet popcorn

This can be prepared in advance of the film you’re planning to watch. Pop some kernels, add marshmallow fluff, choc chips, mini marshmallows, and chopped nuts. Serve in bowls for the perfect TV sweet snack.

4. Spicy cheese toast

Better than cheese on toast, this uses hot sauce, though horseradish or Marmite would do too. Don’t be afraid to adapt recipes to suit yourself or what you have in – https://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/slideshow/food-binge-tv.

5. Easy pizzas

Use either half a baguette or a flatbread as a base. If toasting, warm under the grill for a few minutes before spreading with tomato ketchup, then add the topping of your choice. Finish under the grill until it is hot and the cheese (if used) is melted. This can also be made in the oven at a medium temperature.c


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