5 More Reasons To Choose A Staycation

Since the Brexit vote last year, holidays spent on home soil are on the rise. With the drop in the value of the pound, Britons are investing more in short-term, weeklong holidays over traditional 14-day breaks, as revealed by the Office for National Statistics. This makes the staycation a perfect fit for the budget-conscious traveler. Saving money is only part of the equation, however; holidaymakers can consider booking a staycation for several other reasons.

5 More Reasons To Choose A Staycation

1.      No passports or bureaux de changes required

Travelling locally will help to eliminate the hassle of applying for new passports and the often-tedious task of negotiating a favorable rate for your hard-earned sterling in a foreign land. While most banks are now pretty savvy when it comes to international banking, travelers still need to inform their banks of their intention to travel to ensure their cards are properly activated; such steps can be avoided when you take a staycation.

2.      Holiday with your pets

For some people, the idea of having to arrange alternative care for their pets, which are essentially part of the family, is stressful emotionally and logistically and a huge hindrance to traveling abroad for a few weeks. Give yourself the option of taking your furry friends along on holiday to share your experiences by staying close to home.

5 More Reasons To Choose A Staycation

3.      Enjoy a touch of luxury and get your room cleaned for you

It’s the small indulgences of having fresh sheets to welcome you to bed and those fluffy towels to snuggle in after a decadent bath that makes staycations very attractive. It’s not every day that you have someone to clean your room, so why not consider booking two to three nights at fully Serviced Apartments Birmingham and other cities offer, such as No.8 Waterloo Street apartments.

4.      Involve the family

The UK is rife with museums and nature parks, and every local county is home to a number of family-friendly attractions that will keep even the youngest entertained.

5.      Enjoy local fare

Whether you want traditional fish and chips or something a bit more indulgent and sophisticated, a staycation in your local city will provide a smorgasbord of quirky restaurants, pubs, and kiosks offering local specialties. Local shops also sell fresh produce in case you would like to prepare your own homemade gourmet spread.