5 Most Awesome Mess-Making Demolition Videos

Sometimes it’s just not so easy to finish a job. With anything we do, there are three phases to the task: the prep, the performance, and the cleanup.

There’s always the cleanup. Sometimes, the cleanup is 95% of the entire project, and it seems that the bigger the job, the bigger the mess. Of course, you already know this… right? Wrong. If you think you have a mess to clean up, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Sometimes, simply making a mess can be a truly awesome spectacle IF you can forget about having to clean up long enough to enjoy the moment.  Better yet, if you know you’re going to outsource the mop handle, the mess that results from a job well done can be quite gratifying in its own right. Still, imagine for a moment (because you won’t want to for much longer) that you had construction clean-up duty. Now, imagine if you had industrial construction clean-up duty. Now, imagine if you had clean-up duty on the Guinness World Record largest demolition project in history, like Seattle’s Kingdome. Check out this video, and see if you wouldn’t be ready to outsource that to the professionals!

Different kinds of demolition create different kinds of spectacles – sometimes the spectacle has a specter. Consider the eerie sight of a nuclear power plant coming down. Although that much concrete rain had to have been an experience to behold in person, one must wonder if those participating in the cleanup were more than a little fearful about damage to their health…and their chromosomes!

A low-light demolition can be particularly spectacular, especially when the structure is something rather unique such as a suspension bridge. This demo job in Ohio was performed on such a bridge and was conducted with just enough daylight to allow the explosive charges to light up brilliantly while still keeping the structure fully visible. The downside? All of the debris landed in the river below. Try cleaning that up!

Again, unique structures make for unique videos. This giant radio tower coming down set another Guinness World Record for the tallest tower demolition. Falling twisted metal folds up itself like an accordion, and there was surely a good amount of disassembly work after the job was finished.

Things can sometimes go a bit awry with demo jobs, such as with this attempt to take down a very stubborn silo – one that, like an aging boxer, had yet to admit that its best days were apparently behind it. It put up a heck of a fight; however, as all silos will, it came down in the end. This one is obviously not a professional job, so you can imagine that the poor farm hands got stuck with the clean up on this one.


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