5 Most Heroic Teachers Of 2012

Throughout the year of 2012, there were a number of teachers who displayed the characteristics of a true hero. These teachers went above and beyond to serve and protect their students, even if it meant putting their lives at risk for the sake of others. Below is a list of the top five most heroic teachers of 2012.

Victoria Soto
She was only 27 years old when her life came to an end. Victoria taught first grade to student at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was a Friday morning on December 14th when Adam Lanza, a 20 year old man and former student of the school, began shooting students and faculty at the school. When the shooting began, Ms. Soto rushed her students into the closet of the classroom and tried to protect them. She was shot during the process and passed away. The shooting was one of the worst to have occurred in a school and Ms. Soto will always be remembered for her heroism that day.

Frank Hall
He was working as a coach at the Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio when one student pulled out a gun and began shooting. Several students had been shot, four of whom were injured and one student who passed from injuries sustained during the shooting. Many other students could have ended up suffering from the same fate if it were not for Hall and his courageous behavior. He tackled the student onto the ground to protect other students in the school from harm.

Rachel D’Avino
Rachel had just recently started teaching at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Similar to Victoria Soto, Ms. D’Avino tried to shield her students from the gunman, Adam Lanza, to protect them from the gunfire. Unfortunately, she died trying to protect her students. She will forever be remembered as a hero.

Carolyn Mossey
Carolyn is the physical education teacher for the St. Jean de Brebeuf School. She is considered a hero for her quick thinking during a period of time in which a student was having a terrible allergic reaction. The student, Sarah Batchelor, did not have any known allergies at the time. Out of nowhere, she began to break out in what appeared to be a rash. She began to have difficulty breathing as her airways started to close. Mossey injected Batchelor with the EpiPen that saved her life. She does not consider herself a hero, but Batchelor’s family is thankful for what she has done and they feel that she truly is a hero.

Laura Pagoada
Laura is a fifth-grade teacher at the PS 75 in New York. The children in her classroom were enjoying fruit salad when one child began to choke. Pagoada did know how to perform CPR but she did perform the Heimlich maneuver on the child. Apparently, the child had been choking on a grape, which came up after Pagoada gave him the Heimlich maneuver. She was able to save her students life with her quick reaction to his choking.

These are just some of the many heroic teachers who have touched the lives of many over the past year. The job description of a teacher is someone who is supposed to help others learn new things. These teachers have not only helped to educate their students but have also showed how important it is to genuinely care for other people.

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