5 New Years’ Resolutions To Becoming A Rock Star

Many of us make promises on January the 1st and, more of us break these promises before January the 2nd. Rather than the traditional resolutions:

• “I will stop biting my nails”
• “I’ll lose 2 stone by February”
• “I promise to read War & Peace.”

Why not set something that will help you achieve your ultimate dream or get you further rewards throughout the year and beyond.

If you’ve dreamt of owning a stage or being in the spotlight then why not set your heights a little higher with becoming a rock star. It may sound a little farfetched, even impossible, but if it’s what you’ve always wanted, why not set smaller resolutions on 01.01.13 to help you on your way – here are some suggestions:

Number 1 – Learn an Instrument:

This may sound obvious, but for many it’s the first step. Choosing what instrument you want to learn and master is the first step to becoming the ultimate rock star so make sure it’s one that you can see yourself playing for many years. You may want to go for something conventional like the drums and be the next Travis Barker, or the guitar like Slash, but why not do a Liam Gallagher and master the tambourine?

Number 2 – Solo Sound or Group Groove:

Whether going solo is more your style and you want all the glory, you’ll need to make sure you undertake singing lessons to be an all-round package. Of course, if support on stage is more appealing make sure your second resolution is to get the band together.

Both ways of moving forward are risky, solo it’s just you, yourself and I, with multiple members there could be a messy break-up so make sure you’re ready for the pros and cons that will come about for both.

Number 3 – Know your Noise:

What style are you going for? This is the third resolution you need to make, but don’t worry this should come easily. Once you crafted your instrument and then got your band around you, the music your produce should be as simple as Doh- Ray- Me.

Number 4 – Get the Gigs:

This will be the trickiest of all the resolutions you make – getting out there. Whether you start off in the pubs and clubs or go for the wedding scene which will be soon upon us, getting your band noticed is hard, really hard. But marketing and promotions all come with time, but remember – it’s only 12 months till the new resolutions take affect and these should be all about how to spend the money you’ll be earning.

Number 5 – Stay Grounded:

So, by December you may have become known around the local area so make sure the fame doesn’t go to your head. Assign a manager for your band, preferably not a best friend, who can make decisions and keep you all in check.

So there we have it, some simple resolutions for you to stick to and get on the road to stardom. Of course, the other option is to pull out the crinkled X Factor form and make the resolution to actually apply this year.

This post was written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of Tech Music School; a music school which prides itself on developing the musical skills of gifted individuals to lead on to a successful and sustainable career.

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