5 Of The Latest Document Management Applications

As the amount of information generated and used by companies continues to increase on a daily basis, document management systems have become a necessity in the corporate world. When used wisely, these applications allow companies to maximise their productivity, as they can significantly reduce the amount of time that was previously used when carrying out routine office tasks. Thankfully, technology is an ever-changing field, and as time goes by the number of options available in terms of document management systems increases in order to suit the needs of different users. What follows is a brief review of the top 5 document management system applications that you can implement in your organisation to enhance productivity.

1- SharePoint

Being one of the most popular document management applications, SharePoint is much more than a virtual filing cabinet. This Microsoft app allows user collaboration via internet, intranet, and extranet, thanks to its portals, workspaces, and dashboards. In terms of record management, some options offered by SharePoint include record auditing, document synchronisation via SkyDrive, and the creation of interactive reports and accessing from mobile devices. Additional features include discussion boards, blogs, automated translation, and conversion of PowerPoint files into pdf or html documents.

2- Knowledge Tree

Knwoledge Tree is an excellent option for those who need to implement a flexible document management system, as it is an open source platform written in PHP. This application has been designed with two concepts in mind: ease of use and scalability, which means that while the basic user interface is surprisingly simple to get used to, it is possible to customise the site to suit your needs. After all, there must a very good reason why corporations like Alcatel and Fuji have chose Knowledge Tree as their preferred document management system. Knowledge Tree can be easily linked to Microsoft Office files and offers the possibility of creating workflows, or customised automated document management processes. Moreover, the application can be run on mobile devices that use both iOS and Android.

3- Alfresco

Since it first appeared in 2005, Alfresco has kept adding extra features to its content management application. Users can choose between cloud-based and local installation options, and in addition to the standard content management features, the latest version (Alfresco 4.0) offers perks like in-browser review of most types of digital files, document capture options, links to the most popular social sites that help optimise content publishing and keeping track of shared information, and the drag and drop feature, which facilitates document organisation.

4- Kerio Workspace

Although some people seem to believe that document management applications are the exclusive domain of large corporations, the truth is that these software packages can benefit all types of businesses, including small and medium sized enterprises. The latter is particularly applicable to Kerio Workspace, a document management application that has been designed having the needs of these businesses in mind. Kerio offers registered and unregistered installation options, which have data storage capabilities of 10MB and 5MB in each case. Although these values might seem somewhat limited, they can perfectly suit the needs of smaller businesses.

5- HyperOffice

HyperOffice is another great alternative to SharePoint. One of its main features is the high level of customisation it allows and how easy it makes cloud-based collaboration. Creating a personalised portal for your company can be done in a matter of minutes, and customising your portal with news feeds and web links is also easy. With this application, both staff and clients can easily access stored data via individual private folders that can be swiftly linked to other data files as and when required.

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