5 Places Ricky Gervais Should Send Karl Pilkington

In a world where watching television can be painful at times, ‘An Idiot Abroad’ has proven to be one of the most successful franchises in recent memory. Ricky Gervais has his critics as a comedian and as a person – check him out on Twitter if you’re wondering why – but there is no doubt that he struck gold with the idea to send his friend and colleague Karl Pilkington to various locations around the world.

Pilkington is a no-nonsense type of guy, who has a bit of a bad habit of seeing the worst of everything. What makes the show such a must see is that there is always the feeling, often explicitly stated by Pilkington himself, that he would rather be sitting at home doing nothing.

Over three series, various amazing locations around the world were visited. We looked at five that were missed but would surely have added to an already brilliant show.


Pilkington visited Australia during the second series, but surely Gervais could have sent him to this iconic location in the centre of the country as well as making him swim with sharks?

The truth is you could probably point to anywhere in Australia that would have made great TV, but to have Pilkington staying with Aboriginal people would have been memorable.

The Poles

Surely not sending him to the Arctic or Antarctic was a huge missed opportunity. Given how much Pilkington complains about being too hot, sending him on an expedition to the coldest places on Earth would have been a laugh.

Unfortunately, the Trans-Siberian Railway and a visit to Northern Alaska was as good as it got. They should have gone much further!


He went to Uganda, so surely he could have popped over into Tanzania and had the film crew watch him head up Africa’s highest peak?

For an endurance challenge, this would have been a great idea, especially as Kilimanjaro is an easy climb in terms of high mountains. Clearly, the likes of Everest and K2 would be out of the question, although he did take an admirable trek up Japan’s Mount Fuji!

Vatican City

It is clear that Pilkington is not big on religion, so a visit to the holiest place in the Christian world would surely have made for some interesting comments and views, although there would have been a definite risk of offending some people.

A Sea Experience

Although not a location itself, how funny would it have been to see Pilkington on board a sailing boat on the high seas.

One can’t imagine that he would enjoy it a great deal, although his claim in the final series that he isn’t a strong swimmer might have perhaps scuppered any potential for this to take place.  He was terribly seasick taking a small trip to see whales, too, which probably wouldn’t have helped.

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