5 Real Life Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauty, the fairy tale by Disney telling the story of a princess who fell asleep after being cursed by an evil witch only to wake up via true love’s kiss by a handsome prince may be far from reality, or is it not?

As it turned out there are real people who have experienced something close to the story to Sleeping Beauty, whether a handsome prince or an evil witch is involved, let’s find out:

1. Uzair (Ezra) – Slept for 100 Years
Ezra was a saint and a wise man and was accounted in the book of Quran. He is called the Son of God and is a sacred according to Muslims.

He is on our list because according to the story, he has slept for a century.

You can check the story by following this link.

2. Terry Wallis – Slept for 19 Years
Terry Wallis met an accident and then fell into a coma for 19 long years. Doctors had little hope that he would ever wake up, but his mother never lose faith. Until one day, the coma patient woke up.

Contrary to what’s depicted in Hollywood movies, Terry didn’t get amnesia, but his memory is stuck on the time of the accident. He is surprised to see that a lot has changed. He could not recognize his daughter and the people around him. I mean that’s almost 20 years, right? He is also unable to use his limbs among others. So yeah, Quentin Tarantino can suck on that.

3. Nicole Delien – Slept for 64 Days
Nicole Delien’s story brought shock to the world, because she slept for 64 days due to a rare medical condition known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome.

The condition, logically dubbed as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is a neurological disorder that usually makes the patient sleep for 18-19 hours a day is also characterized by excessive eating. This symptom however isn’t the main problem in Nicole’s case. The disorder also causes carriers to experience confusion, complete lack of energy and sometimes emotions, and more commonly disorientation.

The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is so rare that there are only about a thousand case of it documented throughout the world. However, this syndrome is manageable, the patient can find comfort by using advanced termpurpedic mattresses .

4. Yana Gurzhiy + 4 Other Women – Sleeping Beauty’ art installation in Ukraine
An artist in Ukraine pulled off an act somewhat inspired by the classic story of Sleeping Beauty on National Art Museum in Kiev. He had 5 models taking turns into sleeping ala Belle until one of them would wake up form a kiss by one of the museum-goers. The catch, the model and the kisser would wed once that happened.

But this story took an interesting turn, when the participant Yana Gurzhiy woke via a kiss from a woman after the latter kissed her on her forehead. To make matters even more interesting, same gender marriage is not allowed in Ukraine.

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