5 Reasons To Coordinate Community Events With A Professional Social Worker

Planning a community event can be a great way to give back to the community as well as make a great impact on others in a single day. As a community organizer, it is important to plan events that run smoothly and make best use of your time, resources, and efforts. Recruiting a professional social worker to help coordinate community events can give community planners the edge they need to make the most out of efforts that uplift the community.

Planning Expertise
One benefit of recruiting a social worker to help with community event planning is having access to great work experience and expertise. As part of their training, social workers undergo preparation in management, organizational behavior, problem solving, human behavior, and social welfare. Social workers usually have field work experience gained in the process of earning their degrees. This experience in planning gives social workers tangible skills they can use to organize a variety of events beneficial for the community.

Social Worker Contact List
As part of their job description, social workers work with a variety of clients and social programs in order to help those in need. As a result, these social workers have access to a large number of client lists and resources. Community event planners will be able to network with important clients to help expand support for their own causes. Social workers may also bring potential clients who can benefit from participating and volunteering with events. As a general rule, the more experienced the worker, the more likely he or she will have a number of diverse contacts on hand.

All social workers must have some form of professional certification. In order to work as a licensed social worker in the United States, each social worker must have state board certification. Other types of certification may include endorsement from the National Association of Social Workers, clinical certification, recreational therapy certification, and other credentials. This type of authorization is designed to ensure that social workers demonstrate leadership and management abilities in a variety of challenging settings.

In the process of planning for events, it is important to take measures to prevent problems and mishaps. Having a licensed social worker on hand to help troubleshoot potential problems can make a world of difference in the planning process. Most social workers have training on how to handle crisis situations and can use their skills and contacts to provide real solutions. In addition, social workers can bring in an element of human empathy and compassion in diagnosing problems, providing solutions, and following up on the results.

What measurable goals did you accomplish during your event? What changes can be made for future events? Social workers can use their training in qualitative and quantitative reasoning to answer these questions and more at the completion of the community event. Social workers have special training in evaluating social services to ensure that such measures are effective. They can provide written reports, suggestions, and referrals to additional resources. Community planners can include such data in their business plans or other files. This is exceptionally beneficial if the community planner hopes to start a non-profit organization or apply for government funding in the future.

Professional social workers can use their expertise to help direct a number of community events. With the resources that come with a social worker’s training and experience, community planners can maximize the opportunity to conduct successful events. Community organizers who are interested in recruiting social workers should contact the National Association of Social Workers or their state’s Department of Health and Human Services to connect with social workers dedicated to improving communities in need.

Candy Granger is a social worker and guest author at Best Social Work Programs, where she has contributed a helpful guide to the top bachelors in social work online degree programs.

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