5 Reasons To Stop Working Overtime

It may seem positive to rack up overtime hours but you could be harming your career and your personal life. Here are five reasons to take a step back and think before staying late tonight.

5 Reasons To Stop Working Overtime

1 Improve productivity

If you are working long hours then take note of how you feel the next day. That late night at your desk can lead to tiredness, making you less productive. According to The Guardian, working longer hours does not make you more productive.

2 Ensure work expectations are realistic

If you are regularly working overtime then your boss or your colleagues may assume you are happy to do so. Rather than reducing the work crossing your desk, it may even increase. Be upfront with your manager, make sure they understand how much you do and get their help if it is too much. Even if you have a bespoke commercial desk that is a pleasure to sit at, it still makes more sense for everyone if you have a reasonable workload and are completing it at a high level.

5 Reasons To Stop Working Overtime

3. Keep your boss happy

Whilst you may be working overtime in an attempt to impress your boss, you could be harming their opinion of you. Repeatedly staying into the night could lead to the belief you cannot prioritise your work. It is a good idea to reassess how you spend your working day to ensure it is conducive to productivity. The right desk, such as those available from simonkohnfurniture.co.uk can help you organise your work environment to maximise efficiency. Try checking emails at pre-set times instead of when they arrive and ensure meetings conclude promptly.

4 It may cost you

If you think you need the money then weigh up any costs you are incurring, such as childcare charges or even takeaways when you don’t have the energy to cook. Finally, check your tax code. If you are accruing money from the extra hours it could push you into another tax bracket, costing you more.

5 Have a social life

It is vital for both emotional and physical wellbeing to maintain an active social life. What that means is personal to you but it is likely to be compromised in some way if you spend long hours at your desk. Leave work on time and do something to make you smile.