5 Reasons To Write A Handwritten Letter

Once upon a time, handwritten letters were the main way to communicate. However, email and instant messages have led to a decline in letter writing, yet the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter still trumps any other form of correspondence. So, why don’t we send as many handwritten letters when it feels so good to receive them? Here are 5 reasons why you should write a handwritten letter.

5 Reasons To Write A Handwritten Letter

A keepsake

Times are changing, and handwriting lessons are even being dropped from school curriculums in favor of typing classes. With handwritten letters becoming rarer, the ones that we do receive are more likely to be kept safe: letters are something to be treasured. It feels wrong to throw them out after someone has gone to the trouble of writing a letter, and they are starting to feel like keepsakes.

The feeling

We all love receiving post but the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter is the best. Although it may seem a little old-fashioned to send and receive handwritten letters, there isn’t much that beats the feeling when you open that letter and see the sender’s handwriting.

5 Reasons To Write A Handwritten Letter


Typed letters are easily thrown out without a second thought, but handwritten letters are personal. After all, the sender has taken the time to write to you personally. They have taken care of their writing and have given thought to the paper and pen used. A handwritten letter means much more than just the message included.

No missed opportunities

Telling people how you feel is important and what better way to do it than with a personal, handwritten letter? Often, letters are written and never sent, however, even just finding a handwritten note after someone has passed can be of great comfort. Make the effort and write to those you love, or you could even choose a same day courier in Reading if you want them to receive a personal message immediately. Just imagine their reaction and delight upon receipt, so if you are looking for a same day courier in Reading contact UK-TDL.


A letter doesn’t have to be serious. It can be a fun exchange between pen pals or friends. You can buy colourful pens, stickers and paper then seal it with an interesting stamp for a final fun touch.