5 Reasons Why You Are Failing To Get Your Well-Deserved Promotion

You are well-qualified and an experienced candidate but you have still not been able to get to the underline reason behind your delayed promotion. The situation can be painful and can bruise one’s ego, really badly. The feeling is bad and may leave you disheartened and thus thinking about the next set of actions that you can take to brighten up the chances in the next promotion cycle. The scenario is not only tough for you but is also a lot tougher for your boss. The manager or the immediate senior may feel a little embarrassed or find it really difficult to convey this sour news.

5 Reasons Why You Are Failing To Get Your Well-Deserved Promotion

But now the time has come to realize the loop-hole. Here are some of the important factors that may sound basic but are actually hindrance to your success at work place:

  1. Lack of Skills That Can Take You Ahead of All

You might think at this point that you are efficient in your tasks and complete the assigned jobs on time. However, the problem remains still the same; lots of work still no promotion. Well, the underline problem is worse than visible symptoms. If you are a data entry operator and you plan to be a part of the database handling job then your existing skills might not support you.

You have to move a little further and add a good number of required skills to your portfolio. Bosses love employees who are pro in their work and like to takes challenges. So, be one of them.

  1. Your Soft Skills Are Just Not Satisfactory

Soft skills are extremely important if you are considering yourself for a responsible job role. There are skills like conflict negotiation, diplomacy, and business communication have become extremely important in carving your bright professional future. Now, it becomes necessary for you as an employee to polish these skills or find ways to inculcate them into your behavior.

This can be attending management trainings in the office itself that can help you understand mentorship and leadership roles. Your boss should know that you are planning to be at the top and at a responsible position. Not only this, your boss should realize the fact that you are getting ready to take up all the actions.

  1. A Negative Nod to Feedbacks

This can be dangerous as the aspect not only disturbs your mental peace but also spoils your relationship with the manager or the immediate boss. As an employee, you should be ready to take feedbacks of any nature with a smiling face. You are not perfect and making mistakes is a general thing you might stumble upon. Thus, make sure that when you are given feedback, ask questions for improvement and not make arguments to prove the other person wrong.

A feedback, received during a review or in the hallway, should not be resisted with an urge to defend oneself. Learn from every part of it.

  1. Stone-Hearted Towards Tasks’ Ownership

This strongly includes being responsible and highly professional at work place. Throwing the blame on others may sound extremely luring but in the long run it just spoils your good will. You have been assigned a project so here the best thing you can do is collaborating with people who can help you with data and have a cordial professional relationship with them.

Another aspect associated with this point is stop not be a part of stressful activities at work like gossiping and bad mouthing your colleagues or boss. This may go off the air and may disturb your image. So, the best antidote is to be positive and polite all the times.

The Verdict

Being passed over for a promotion is not the end of the world. On the contrary, it can be a huge learning opportunity and can be a real kick in the pants you need to start all afresh down the right path. So ponder over the lessons, learn from the past, and keep your promotion in your sights.

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