5 Reasons Your Business Still Needs Print Media Advertising

Print media advertising is very much alive and flourishing today even though we live in an age where computers, personal hand-held devices and Wi-Fi have changed the way businesses advertise. It’s true that using these new media options are very effective but it’s also true that there is still a high demand for print media.

Just look around the coffee shop when you stop by for your morning pick-me-up. How many people do you see with a newspaper in their hands? How many posters and flyers do you see on the bus, subway or at the office? How many billboards capture your attention when commuting to and from work or other destinations? How many magazine subscriptions does your family have?

All of these are either forms of print media advertising or contain advertisements and all of them can effectively get your business noticed. Here are 5 reasons your business still needs print media advertising:

More Loyal and Focused Viewers

It’s easier to keep the attention of consumers reading print ads than it is with other forms of media because there are not as many distractions. When someone sits down to read a newspaper or magazine they give it their full attention. They’re not answering emails or tweeting the latest news. They are usually relaxed and take in all the information the material has to offer and that includes your ads.

Easy to Target a Specific Audience

Print media makes it easy to target a specific audience because you can use a source that reaches the consumers that have an interest in your field. For example, if you sell fishing reels, you can place your ads in fishing magazines. Anyone interested in reading about fishing will also have a real interest in fishing reels. Therefore, placing ads in these magazines can generate lots of interest in your products.

Drives Traffic to Your Way

Keeping print media advertising in your marketing strategy is a great way to drive traffic to your website where consumers can learn more about you and the products you have. The information you provide in printed form will reach out and grab the attention of many potential consumers that may not learn about your company any other way. Include your web address in your printed ads and watch the amount of traffic to your site increase.

It Increases Brand Awareness

When consumers see bright, colorful adds displaying your company’s name and logo, they tend to remember it longer which helps to increase brand awareness. It’s a great way to introduce your brand to all types of consumers. When they see your brand in other places they’ll remember seeing it before. This also builds trust and credibility for your brand because people tend to trust what they are familiar with.


Print media advertising last longer than any other type. When you put your ads in magazines, it’s there for people to see for a very long time so print advertising has a long lifespan. In addition, people share magazines with friends, so in a way they’re sharing your ads, too. They also discuss the things they read in magazines with others including any ads that caught their attention.

It’s a fact that people remember what they read in print longer than anything else. A good marketing strategy includes all forms of advertising, including good old fashion print. Some things never go out of style and this is one of them.

Don’t let the growth of the Internet and electronic age scare you away from using print media advertising. Many advantages are associated with print ads that you won’t get with other forms of advertising, so be sure to include it in your marketing strategy.

Lisa Mason is a content marketing expert writing for All American Advertising , a leader in print media advertising.

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