5 Safest Colleges Of 2012

Today’s world is a dangerous place and many young adults and their families worry about safety when attending college. To help put college-aged students and their families at ease, a variety of publications rank colleges and universities for safety. The rankings look at numerous factors that affect the safety of students at an institution, such as the number of assault and rape incidences, robbery and theft occurrences, and use of alcohol and drugs. Aspects that contribute to high safety rankings include students reporting they feel safe, campus police are able to be seen, phones and escort services are available, dorm rooms include self-locking doors, and a quality student health center. Many publications rank schools by asking them to participate in a survey.

Here are the five colleges that were commonly regarded as the safest in 2012:

Santa Clara University
A private, Jesuit, Catholic University that sits in Santa Clara, California in the state’s Silicon Valley, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. It is dedicated to values that are inspired by faith and it cherishes its diverse student community. It is home to over 8,000 students and many have regarded the school as very safe. It features blue-lighted emergency buttons all over campus and a campus safety vehicle will arrive in less than one minute. There is also an escort service where students call a designated phone number to have someone walk or drive with them at night. The campus is fairly small and campus safety officers are commonly seen patrolling around the school.

Pacific Union College
A private, Seventh-day Adventist Christian liberal arts institution located in Angwin, California. It is committed to offering excellent academic programs that are centered on Christ and prepare students to lead productive lives. It is a small and remote campus that is home to about 1,600 students. Students state that there have been little to no reports of major crimes and the biggest concern is the occasional petty theft of items in unlocked dorm rooks. Police patrol on a nightly basis and offer escort services to students who request them.

Pepperdine University
A private, independent research institution residing in Malibu, California. It has affiliation with the Church of Christ and is dedicated to Christian values and the highest standards of academic excellence. It is a fairly small school with about 3,500 students. Security is a high priority on campus and students and guests are required to enter through a security gate that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Department of Public Safety, commonly called DPS, is extremely committed to making sure all students are safe and officers are often seen everywhere on campus. Pepperdine also has emergency phones with blue lights, an anonymous crime tips hotline, and a Safe Rides program to provide students a ride if they do not feel safe on or off campus.

Wellesley College
A private, women’s liberal arts institution located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It strives to provide excellent liberal arts education to women that encourages them to make a significant impact on the world. It is home to about 2,500 female students. Students have reported they feel very safe and often walk alone at night. The campus police are regarded as friendly and very attentive. Security is taken seriously and escort vehicles are available.

Brigham Young University
A private university that resides in Provo, Utah and is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is the largest religious university in the country with about 34,000 students. It aims to help students in their search for perfection and eternal life. Despite being a very large school, it is regarded as very safe with very low crime statistics. Brigham Young University offers a Safewalk program to make sure students get home safely at night.

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