5 Simple Tips For Starting Your Own Photo Blog

Starting a photo blog doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Using the advice below, even a dabbling photographer can create a successful blog to display photography. The simple tips below will help even brand new photographers get started.

1. Pick an attractive, non-distracting blog template

The layout of photography blogs is important. Too many details or extra designs can overwhelm the eye and distract from the actual subjects. When choosing a blog design individuals should be sure to keep it basic and let the photos be the main attraction. Most blog sites have plenty of choices for templates so finding one is not difficult. A solid background is often best to accompany photos. Attention to the details is important in creating an aesthetically pleasing blog. Don’t go overboard with graphics or font choices.

2. Add dynamic captions

Although the main feature of a photo blog should definitely be the photos themselves, good captions go a long ways. Having intriguing descriptions, or even short anecdotes about a photo is a good way to draw in more readership since the words will come up in searches. Including information such as when the information was taken, a quote that the picture draws to mind, what kind of things were done in order to capture the photo, or what inspired taking the photo is a good idea. Viewers will enjoy human interest stories.

3. Post regularly

A mistake that many beginning bloggers make is posting too infrequently. Stop waiting for the “perfect” picture that is worthy of posting and instead document every day captures. The regular posting will help develop followers and keep the viewers happy. Try to post at least two times a week, if not more, and be sure not to wait too long between postings.

4. Link blog posts to other social meeting

Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms to display posts will help generate more widespread viewership. Setting up automatic links, for example adjusting settings so every time a post is put up on the blog it is also sent to Twitter, is an easy way to do this.

5. Visit other photo blogs

Becoming a part of the photo blog community will not only be a good way to network and make blogging connections, but also will provide plenty of inspiration for posts and ideas for format. Use ideas gleaned from others to make a photo blog even better. Comment on other photo blogs and make virtual friends with others in the photo blog world.

Photo blogs can be simple to create and are a great way to showcase photography skills, of anyone from an amateur photographer or someone who has been in the industry for years. Regardless of what a person’s goals for a photo blog are, whether to generate business clients or simply create a following of art lovers, they are simple to create and provide endless options.

Victor Willis is an amateur photographer and Web Developer from Sydney, Australia. He says that starting your own photo blog is easy to do and says it’s a great way to display your work to the world. Victor recommends checking out Snappit digital cameras for all your photography needs.

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