5 Simple Ways To Increase Your IQ

All people can increase the IQs, whether they are business executives, blue-collar workers, housewives or children. Scientific studies have shown that people can develop their brain cells by doing relevant mental exercises. Here are five simple things you can do to increase intelligence.

Word Power
According to Marilyn vos Savant, “Words are the working tools of your brain.” Marilyn registered 230 on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, which is 130 points over the normal IQ level.

A well-developed vocabulary shows an equally well-developed mind. Strive to learn a new word almost every day, starting with what you can understand with relative ease. On average, an adult vocabulary contains between 30,000 and 60,000 words while the English language has more than a million words.
What’s That? (86)
Words play several important roles in our lives. The words you speak help you express your beliefs and encourage others, who will also judge you based on those same words.

Challenge Your Brain
Learning new words is fun but you need to challenge your brain by learning several other new things. Have you noticed how children get bored after doing the same thing for a short period? Even adult brains stop working as hard once people have mastered a given skill.

While you should keep practicing the things you have learned, do not stop there. Take the time to challenge your brain by learning other things. For example, you can participate in some strategy or logic games.

Martin Buschkuehl and Susanne Jaeggi found that letting the brain focus on two different types of information simultaneously improves reasoning abilities.

You can also learn new ways of doing the same old things. This includes even using a new route to go to or from work. Think of anything that you have become so used to that you often do it mechanically and then find a different way of doing it.

While people tend to look for the simplest ways to do things, choosing the hardest way is better for the brain.

Take Physical Exercises
If you think you will learn more by reading and playing brain games all the time, then you are mistaken. Keeping the body fit helps to maintain the brain’s fitness. Perhaps you have felt refreshed when you go back to work after taking some exercise, even if it was just a short walk.

Physical exercises create several biological responses in organs and muscles that regulate and modify how the brain functions.

Avoid Junk Food
A major study in the UK revealed a strong link between junk food and low IQ in children. Toddlers who are fed on things like chips, biscuits, pizza and crisps may suffer irreversible damage.

Interact with Other People
Interacting with others will help you get different ideas and opinions you can learn from. Even the opinions you do not agree with will help you because they will challenge you to strengthen your own.

Learn to listen and be observant to improve your level of understanding.

In a nutshell, you will increase your IQ when you exercise your brain. Why is playing video games more helpful than watching television? Video games challenge the brain while watching TV turns you into a passive recipient.


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