5 Spas To Rejuvenate Yourself In The USA

The pressures and stresses of modern day life get to us all at one time or another, and what better way to get away from it all than to visit a spa? A spa is the ideal place to relax and unwind, be pampered, and get those batteries recharged. Listed below, are 5 great spas to rejuvenate yourself in the USA.

Golden Door Spa, California
This spa resort takes relaxation to a whole new level, and limits the number of guests to just 39 at any one time. Boasting an underlying Japanese, which includes a koi pond, tranquil sand gardens and shoji screens, the sense of serenity puts everyone at ease almost immediately. There are a range of treatments and therapies on offer, and the week long course aims to cleanse body and mind whilst increasing inner calm and focus.

Mirval Resort, Arizona
Anyone looking to get a little more out of life will be pleased by the range and variety of programs that the Mirval Resort has to offer. The resort is suitable for anyone that wishes to lose some weight; those who would like to work through relationship issues; people who would like to center themselves; or simply anyone that wants to get away and relax in a peaceful environment. Guests have the chance to try any number of spa treatments and therapies which help to restore balance to the mind, body and soul.

La Costa Resort and Spa, California
Consistently voted highly in almost any poll conducted about wellness resorts, the spa at La Costa offers all the treatments and therapies that can be imagined to help mind and body relax. The purpose built Chopra Center is also designed to heal the inner person, bringing calm and tranquility to those that stay. Guests are invited to walk along the Reflexology Pathway between gardens and beautiful landscapes during their stay.

Ten Thousand Waves, California
Of all the spas in the USA, this one has without doubt the coolest name! Ten Thousand Waves offers a little taste of Japanese serenity with their variety of relaxation therapies and techniques. Offering hot baths, massages, skin care and deep stone massage, they cater largely to day visitors, although lodging is available for those people looking for a unique, romantic getaway.

St. Regis Aspen Resort, Colorado
The Remede Spa offers fifteen separate rooms, where guests can find for themselves what the very definition of pampering is. With aromatherapy, body treatments and reflexology all on the menu, guests can treat themselves to something different every day. The spa also offers couples’ treatments, and many people find themselves coming back time after time for a romantic weekend or longer. Champagne and chocolate only adds to the relaxation!

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