5 Steps To Enjoying Your Shower More Than Ever

A trip to the bathroom to have a shower should be a time for relaxation and luxury. Too many people put up with a sub standard experience when it isn’t really so difficult to improve matters.

Get the Temperature Right
This point refers to both the temperature of the water and that of the bathroom itself. It is no fun to stand shivering under tepid water or to step out and get a blast of cold air on your skin. If your shower isn’t up to the challenge of giving you piping hot water then it might be time to think about an upgrade. Equally, heating up the room with the likes of under floor heating can be simple and cheap to arrange.

Sort Out the Water Pressure
Another problem can come with a lack of water pressure. There can be a number of reasons why you are forced to stand under a feeble flow of water and you should call in a plumber to look into it for you. Once you experience the invigorating pressure of a powerful shower you won’t ever want to go back to the feeble type.

Bring on the Music
Showering is better with music. There is no scientific reason for this but it just is. Whatever type of music you like, this is a time for enjoying it up loud and singing along with the bits you know, or even the bits you don’t really know all that well.

Get Organised
Another issue can arise when you step out and can’t find a dry towel, your comb or a mirror which hasn’t been steamed up by the condensation. A good start is by looking at putting in a heated towel rail. After that, an LED bathroom cabinet will give you some light and somewhere to store your things. You can even get a mirror with a demister function from the Pebble Grey site, to let you see yourself even when things get steamy. Your LED mirror cabinet will look good as well as keep the room tidy.

Make the Time
The final point is just as important as the rest, if not more so. Running in straight from work for a lightning fast shower isn’t going to give you much pleasure. It is far better to choose the time carefully so that you can really relax and lather up in style, safe in the knowledge that no one is going to phone you or knock the door while you are enjoying the experience.

John Asher is a blogger specialising in bathroom design and interior design

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