5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog

Getting a dog may seem like a simple enough thing, you will have a companion for life who will follow your every footstep. But in actual fact it is not really that simple, having a dog is a major responsibility and they will take a lot of your time and patience. You should not just assume that you are going to know what to do when you get a dog, you should do plenty of research beforehand so you know exactly how to care for it. Here are five things which you should consider before you get a dog.


All dogs need exercise; this is an absolute essential thing which you must be doing when you have a dog. You should walk your dog for at least 30 minutes each day, some breeds may need a longer walk whereas others won’t need to be walked as often. It is often advised that the smaller your dog is, the less it will need to be walked. Just because it is cold and wet outside, you should still be taking your dog for a nice long walk.


Another extra cost which you will need to think about when you get a dog is the food he is going to eat. Depending on what breed dog you get, it may need special food to support his nutritional needs. You should never just pick the cheapest dog food in the supermarket shelf as it likely not going to consist of any of the vitamins and nutrition which he needs.


As well having to pay for food on a regular basis for your dog, you are also going to have to pay for your dog’s vet bills. If you get your dog from a puppy then you are going to have take him to get his injections so that it will be safe for him to walk outdoors. You will also have the extra cost each year to take him for his booster jabs.


It is important that you make your dog feel comfortable in your home; you can do this by getting him a variety of toys and a comfortable dog bed. The dog bed will provide him with a private place where he can go to when he wants to lie down and go to sleep.

You should have a look at the large choice of dog beds and toys to be sure that your dog has the best possible care.


As well as providing your dog with exercise and a home where he feels comfortable, you are also going to have to spend time interacting with your pet. A great way to do this is through training him, this will also allow him to know that you are the master.

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