5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

A drafty home can be a miserable during a tough winter. Heat can get lost via many elements of a home’s construction. As a result of heat loss, the coldest season can bring massive heating bills. Homeowners are often faced with the less-than-pleasant options of freezing all winter or going broke. So how can you keep warm while ensuring that your utility bills remain manageable? The first place to look is at the areas of your home where heat is most likely to be lost, and to fix them. Finding replacement windows is among the most effective measures to combat a cold home.

Areas of Heat Loss in the Average Home

·         Windows
·         Garage doors
·         Doors
·         Water heaters

What to do About Them

·         Garage Doors
Many garage doors are constructed from metal and are not insulated. The result is that they present a large radiating surface that efficiently transfers warmth from indoors to the atmosphere. The homeowner’s money is literally vanishing into thin air. By insulating your garage door, or sealing the garage off from the rest of the house, you can help to keep your home warm while saving money.

·         Doors
Any gaps around your doors can let cold air in, lowering the temperatures inside. While the gaps may not appear to let a large amount of air in, unsealed doors can and do add significantly to your energy bills. Ensuring that doors are properly weather-stripped can help to keep warm air in and cold air out.

·         Water Heaters
Ensuring that the source of your home’s hot water supply is protected is another way that you can save on energy bills and keep warm. This can be done by placing an insulated sleeve around your water heater to protect it from the cold air around it. This will keep it from having to work as hard to keep your water hot.

·         Windows
Well-designed replacement windows are a good solution for a home that is radiating a significant amount of heat to the outside. How windows are designed and the materials used to make them, along with where they are placed in the home all contribute to the amount of heat that is wasted. Windows with specially coated glass can reduce the amount of heat transferred from within the home to the outside air. Additionally, properly placed windows allow a home to be heated naturally by sunlight, thus cutting the cost of winter heating.

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