5 Tips For Turning Your Basement Into The Ultimate Game Room

Is your basement just a jumble of junk; items you have stored and never plan to use? Or maybe it’s just one big space waiting to be redone! Why not make good use of the basement area by turning it into a game room? With just a little planning and know-how you can easily turn your basement into the ultimate game room; a private abode the entire family can use and be proud of. Also, if you’re on a budget, there are many arcade machines and games for sale that will help you accomplish this task while saving money.

Following are some tips for converting your space into a great play area:

1. Use the space wisely

• Decide what activities and furniture you will need
• Don’t over pack the area with activities
• Game tables and arcade games need additional space around them (3-5 feet in general)
• Draw up a sketch or two to show the layout of the room

2. Make sure you have an entertainment-friendly layout

• You may need more than one TV
• Speakers may have to be placed in several places around the space
• Seating may be limited so extra seating may be in order
• A focal point, such as a bar, may be needed to make the room feel right

3. Good lighting is essential

• Game boards will need proper lighting
• Every table will need good lighting
• Harsh lighting should be avoided
• Ambient light for the remainder of the space should be adequate

4. Choose the correct furnishings

• Pick furniture that can double as seats
• Stools and ottomans are easy to move and can be pulled to where the action is
• Stay away from folding chairs
• Add large seating for more comfortable stays

5. Make your space as sound-friendly as you can

• Game rooms can get quite loud; arcade games can get noisy
• Use some form of sound insulating material or panels to quell sounds
• Consult your contractor for the proper materials and related costs for soundproofing

With many arcade machines for sale, as well as board games and table games, turning your basement into your ultimate game room is just a matter of deciding to do it. You and your family can spend many wonderful nights playing card games, pool, pinball and even all the old arcade games of yesterday, such as Galaga, PacMan, Donkey Kong and a myriad of others. Your house will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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