5 Tips To Make Your Autoresponder Follow Up Less Monotonous And Robotic

To be honest, most autoresponder follow up messages are boring and not converting at all. In fact, most internet marketers are using PLR email swipes and think that they can magically generate sales for their promotion using those email swipes. If you have monotonous and robotic autoresponder messages, you might think about revising them or completely change them. Remember that those messages should be directed to your audience, so you have to remember about the importance of communication and relationship building between you and your audience. Here are 5 tips to make your autoresponder follow up less monotonous and robotic:

  1. Include stories and motivation in your messages

Do you know what boring autoresponder messages look like? They are boring to read because they look like a boring essay. In other words, they only contain information. You know, too much information in your autoresponder messages will only confuse your readers. You have to avoid bombarding your readers with information after information. Rather, you should give your readers one piece of information at a time. Then, you have to tell that information along with stories or motivational material. It will make your autoresponder messages more interesting to read.

2.Open your readers’ mind with mind-blowing information

Even if you’re giving information to your readers, make sure to handpick the information that you’ll give to them. The information has to be mind-blowing, which means it should be able to open your readers’ mind and provide new knowledge for your readers. I’ll give an example. Most people believe that they can’t lose their weight unless they’re using the right weight loss pills or applying strict diet. If you can give them information about how to lose weight without strict diet and weight loss pills, then you’re opening your readers’ mind with new possibilities to solve their weight problem. In your autoresponder sequence, you should write:

–          Why strict diet and weight loss pills are not an effective way to lose weight.

–          Good alternative to lose weight without strict diet and weight loss pills.

–          3 Simple yet powerful methods to start losing weight in a fun way.

–          And so on.

3.Use the following sequence: content-content-advertisement

It is better for you to steer clear from putting advertisements in your early autoresponder messages. If you’re promoting your products too soon in your autoresponder messages, then you can’t build people’s trust toward your materials. So, it is better for you to follow the sequence of content-content-advertisement in order to promote your products more effectively. The first two follow up messages will be all about giving your readers useful content or information. Then you will include a product promotion in the third message. The fourth and fifth messages will be about content again, and then the sixth message will include promotion in it. You will do this over and over again.

4.Allow your readers to send email feedbacks to you

Most robotic and monotonous autoresponder messages are ineffective because people know right away that they’re dealing with automated marketing system. They know that their questions won’t get answered. Therefore, they will usually choose to unsubscribe soon or later. People are aware of this marketing scheme. Therefore, you should make two-way communication possible in your autoresponder messages. You have to let your readers to send email feedbacks to you.

5.Don’t completely automate your follow up messages

Because two-way communication and relationship building is important in order to successfully promote your products in your mailing list, it is better for you to avoid creating completely automated follow up system and then abandoning it. Your readers need your support and they need you to be there to help them solve their problem. If you completely automate your follow up system, then people will realize soon or later that they’re not dealing with real person. You have to send friendly emails in-between your autoresponder sequence so that people will know that you’re there and they’ll know that you’re actively monitoring your mailing list.

Those are some tips that you should follow in order to make your autoresponder follow up less monotonous and robotic. Remember that people don’t want to talk with automated software. They want to have relationship with the real person behind the mailing list that they’ve subscribed for.

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