5 Tips To Reduce Waste When You Move Home

It’s all very well people talking about going green at home, but it’s often hard to find ways to begin. When you move into a new home you have the perfect opportunity to make a greener lifestyle part of your everyday experience. The process will probably be easier than you expect, but you will need to encourage all family members to participate.

De-clutter your home.
Before you move home, visit every room and shelf in your house and find a new home for everything you don’t need or will never use again in your lifetime. You can donate the items to people who will use them or add them to local charity shop’s stock. Either way, someone else will find a use for your clutter.

This process may expose some items of value that you can sell for a modest amount, perhaps raising enough for you to ensure your removers can pack your household goods for you, rather than trying to save money and completing the incredibly stressful process yourself.

Start a recycling plan
Where you don’t need to buy carrots in a plastic tray covered with cling film, don’t. Think carefully about everything you buy when you move into your new home. Consider how each purchase affects the environment. Will you be able to recycle it after you finish with it? Will there be any unnecessary packing you’ll need to send to a recycling centre?

Segregate everything you can so that recycling becomes a way of life, not an inconvenience.

Avoid plastic bags
Remembering to take your recyclable shopping bags to the superstore for your weekly shopping can be a chore, but it can also become a good habit if you adopt the right attitude.  If you do have any plastic bags in your home, make good use of them around your home so that they can be reused time and time again.

Reduce your junk mail
After you’ve set up a redirection service for your post to go to your new home, take charge of all of the regular junk mail you receive by getting yourself taken off the mailing lists. There’s no point in junk mail being sent to your current home, having the post office transfer it to your new home, just so you can throw it away. As soon as you move to your new home, make it a priority to deal with all junk mail as soon as you begin to receive any.

Choose an eco friendly moving company
Choose a moving company that thinks about the environment. They will be able to advise you about ways you can use recycled cardboard boxes for your packing materials. They will also be able to give you good advice about where you can send the boxes to be used again after you’ve completed your move.

A few simple plans can help you set new standards for becoming a green family.

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