5 Top Blogs For Prospective Nursing Students

Technology has made targeted research remarkably fast to obtain and opened the doors for many to be able to gain valuable insight through the sharing of social experiences. Blogs offer the perfect platform for anyone with any number of interests to learn and gain further understanding about whatever field or topics they choose. Prospective nurses are turning to blogs to learn more about this particular medical profession and have their questions answered by experienced nursing professionals.
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There are numerous quality nursing blogs that offer a wealth of information for prospective nurses. The following blogs represent the top five nursing blogs for those interested in becoming future nurses. Each of these blogs has valuable information about nursing programs, certifications, work environments, and lifestyles. This information proves invaluable for prospective nurses in understanding the field and advancing their careers.


This unique blog is very interactive and allows nursing students and prospective nurses to access answers to questions posed by previous posters. Rather than general generic information, these answers often provide invaluable insight into topics or questions that might not be found elsewhere. About a Nurse also allows posters to directly ask questions about nursing compensation, exams, coursework, and various nursing jobs. Posters can ask virtually any question and have it answered by qualified nursing professionals.

Code blog: Tales of a Nurse

This interesting blog examines the positives and negatives of being a nurse in the constantly changing healthcare industry. An insightful feature of the blog is the interviews conducted by the blog author. The interviews take place with hospital nursing directors, nurses in multiple nursing positions, nursing home healthcare providers, and corrections facility nurses. The information gained in these interviews can be used by prospective nurses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the profession.


Unlike traditional blogs that usually have only one author, the blog at Nurse.com allows prospective nurses and anyone already in the nursing field to login and make valuable posts. This allows prospective nurses to gain information and insight from a variety of different sources and viewpoints. The posts cover a variety of topics, and prospective nurses can create posts around particular questions. These questions can then be answered, similar to a forum.

Innovative Nurse

As the title implies, not only does this blog have articles about nursing, but it also integrates technology, social media, and business articles as well. While some of the articles under the other categories may be more general rather than nurse specific, the career section offers a wealth of knowledge for nursing students. From posts about how to maintain your own health while caring for others, to living a day in the life of a nurse through her own eyes, you can learn many different aspects of the career.

Becoming a Nurse

This terrific blog follows the mid-life career change of a lady from an IT professional to a licensed nurse. The author covers multiple aspects about the personal satisfaction that the profession provides, and discusses every step of her journey to becoming a nurse. Additionally, the blog provides useful information on the first steps to becoming a nurse and the required education along the way.

The nursing profession is growing each and every year. It provides excellent job security and a great sense of satisfaction. It is also a very complicated field that is constantly changing. This makes having up to date information about all aspects of the nursing field a must for current and prospective nurses. By following these blogs, prospective nurses can gain all the knowledge and insight they need to successfully enter the nursing profession.

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Nursing instructor Karen Black has written many articles about nursing and contributed to the compilation of 30 Great Blogs for Nurses which can be a great read for nursing and other medical students as well.

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