5 Top Tips To Perfecting Your Business Social Media Presence

Most small businesses can really benefit from a good social media presence. Here are some useful tips to help you get started.

5 Top Tips To Perfecting Your Business Social Media Presence

Choose your Platforms Wisely

No business needs to be on every social media, and by overly diluting your online presence, you’ll find it harder to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Instead of attempting to be everywhere at all times – recognise that you can’t compete with the big players on this front (big brands will often have entire teams devoted to social marketing!). Instead, concentrate on being very effective with a niche and well thought out presence. Undertake a customer review to ascertain which platforms your customer demographic uses, and focus on these. For B2B the most common platform is LinkedIn. For B2C marketing, it tends to be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Think about your Voice

Every brand needs a voice – and you should develop yours to reinforce the other visual elements of your brand and the customer experience you offer. Often, small businesses do this very well. Look at niche brands such as the original Innocent gang – now a big corporate, but originally small and nimble with a refreshing and authentic voice which was fun and engaging.

Consider Visuals

Your social media presence needs to be on-brand and look good. For social media and web design in Essex, enovate can help deliver the right solutions for your business needs, within your budget. Remember that you should include photography and other design devices that bring the content to life.

Develop a Social Strategy

Be clear on the purpose of your social presence. Are you trying to sell to customers directly, or start an engaging conversation that builds your brand? You might want to run competitions, share press and good news stories and generally focus on the softer side of brand building when it comes to your social marketing strategy – with clear links to direct sales channels such as your website or an app.

Invest in it

Once you start to develop your social presence, resource its maintenance and upkeep and keep the conversation going with fresh content at all times. This is vital to the success of your business’s social marketing strategy!

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