5 Topics that Will Engage Your Blog Audience

As a blogger, you naturally want to know about how to engage your blog audience. The good news for you is that there are some topics that will naturally engage your blog audience and make them interested to read your blog content. Whenever you write a blog post about these topics, your audience will respond with big interest. Here are 5 topics that will engage your blog audience:

Current issues

Something that is popular today will always attract people’s interest. In other words, people are attracted to hot news. People want to know what’s hot today and they want to talk about it all day. If you can write an article about current issues and publish it in your blog, you’ll be able to attract interest instantly. However, you need to be quick in writing and publishing this article. That’s because you’ll usually compete with news websites. However, you can always get an audience for your post if you can come quickly.

Controversial topic

Controversial topic means a topic that is contrary to popular knowledge, agreement, and understanding. For instance, if you write in your blog that the Earth actually has two sun and two moons, you will attract big attention from your audience. This is just an extreme example. If you can find a controversial topic to write, you can make your blog popular quickly. Of course, the downside of writing controversial topic is that you will attract intense debate in your blog, which will often lead to flaming and controversial arguments. As a result, it might only give negative image to your blog.

Sad story

The newspapers are filled with sad stories. You can see that many negative events are reported in the newspapers. But, why people are still interested to buy newspapers every morning? That’s because they’re interested in sad story. Writing “I lose $10,000 yesterday” will attract more interest than writing “I win $100,000 lottery”. Do you know what it means? It means that whenever you write about sadness, misfortunes, and problems, you can attract your readers’ interest quickly.


People love to read tips about anything, from tips about choosing a book to read to tips about how to prepare healthy salad. People like to spend time reading about tips that can help to improve their life.So, when you’re stuck in blogging, you can start with writing some tips related to your niche. This is one topic that people love to read. Additionally, it is a simple way to write an interesting blog post. Here’s a good example: “100 Tips to Attract Traffic to Your New Blog”.

Question and answer

Why do people enjoy talk shows? That’s because they involve questions and answers. People love to ask questions and get proper answer for their questions. FAQ is a good form of article that will attract good interest from your audience. You can list common questions asked by your audience and answer them one by one. Or, you can conduct an interview with an expert in your niche. Anything that involves dialogue will likely attract interest from your audience.

Those are 5 topics that will engage your blog audience. If you write your blog posts based on those topics, you will be able to retain your audience’s interest toward your blog and attract more loyal readers to your blog.

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