5 Unique Types Of Bikes That You Might Not Have Heard Of

Everyone is used to the 2 wheel bike which you can ride on the street or in the mountains but there are some rather strange bikes out there that you may have never heard of or even thought of as something that could exist. Some serve a much different purpose than what you would think but in the end the mechanics still makes them a bike. Here are the 5 top unique bikes that will make your head spin because you will not know what to think of them.

The Water Bike
The water bike or HydroBike is a good way to go for a bike ride on the lake. That’s right; you don’t have to ride your bike only on a street or road. You can also ride this one right on the water. Just make sure to put on your sunblock when you are riding it, because after all there are no trees to give you shade from the sun when you are riding on the water.

Full Circle Bike
The Full Circle Bike is a very small bike which folds so it can be stored in rather small spaces and it is missing one thing that you would expect to see in every bike and that is a chain. The steering is a bit more difficult than on a regular bike because the pedals are on the front wheel but keep in mind that this bike in itself is very different so you should expect some changes.

The Couch Bike
The Couch Bike is a perfect way to exercise while being a couch potato. You will have a hard time ever riding a more comfortable bike as it is a full size couch with wheels. The couch bike is not something that is readily available but at some locations, you can already rent one. The one question is should you park your bike outside or go to the drive through of your chain fast food restaurant when you drive it. Two people at the same time could ride the bike but only one controls the steering.

The Bike With A Roof
Have you ever been riding your bike and be surprised by the rain? Well, that’s when the ThisWay Bike comes in handy. There is a roof on the bike which protects you when the weather takes a turn for the worse. This is a concept bike at the moment but if it takes off, you will probably start seeing them more often. The bike even includes battery powered LED lights which are recharged with solar cells on the roof.

The HulaBike
This is another hand built bike which does not include the conventional drivetrain. This bike instead has a different rear wheel which is off center. That means that when you hop up and down at a rhythm, the bike goes forward. The name is the HulaBike because of the off centered motion from the back wheel which makes it look almost like a hula hoop.

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