5 Useful Home Cleaning Tips

If you don’t have enough time to clean the house and are tired this article will help you with useful tips.

Managing a household is probably the most tiring job, I really have no idea how my grandmother had the strength for this. I can only envy the women who manage to do it, go to work, take care for the children, cook, sleep and still manage to look splendidly. This is just inhumane and they manage to do it in twenty four hours, there is a secret to this and I would be glad if someone share it with me because sometimes all I want to do is go to bed and sleep for at least five days in order to recover.

After the another terrible week I decided to do a research and find a way to ease the cleaning process. Well if you are thinking of the same thing just don’t there aren’t many things which will help. You’ll still have to do most of the work and the tips are more about how to overcome your hatred towards cleaning. Nevertheless it want to share what I found with you, maybe some of the tips will help you more than they have helped me.

5 Useful Home Cleaning Tips

The Schedule

So every article I have read says it is important to distribute your time, I really don’t understand how a schedule can help me prolong the day so I have enough time. Nevertheless I have to admit it helps a little especially if you have someone to help you with the cleaning chores. But it takes time to get used to it. To be honest I really don’t like it when I come home to get the mop and wipe the floors. I’ve tried using the help of a professional carpet cleaning company in Whitechapel but this is not something you can do every day.

Yes, mopping takes ten minutes, but I prefer to rest a little before that although if I decide to rest it is not for little and the mopping is left for the next day. I think this is the main reason for the schedule and why it doesn’t work so good for me. You have to be determined, organized and I’m just not such a person. I really hope that in time it will become more easy, but all of my friends are trying to convince me that either it is in you or not, it can’t be learned.

The Cleaning Products

It is not easy to choose the right ones, because there are too many, on the market and you can easily get confused. I recommend you seek green Eco-friendly detergents and read the label carefully because some may contain chemicals which can be harmful to your health. It is a good idea to make your own solutions if you have the time. I have tried and I can assure you they work just as good as the commercial ones.

Less Is More

I assume you’re confused but keep reading, we’re still talking about the cleaning solutions and how to properly use them. I don’t say you don’t but next time try to use less than the instructions say. You’ll see that it is easier to rinse the area, that way you’ll save time and money. This is the principle of less is more, you can try it and see the results, of course this applies for minor stains and daily maintenance.


This is the lat tip I’ll give you, it is probably the most important of all and it is to clean as often as you can. That way nothing can build up and you’ll see how in time cleaning will consume less of your time. I’ll give you an example, if you remove the residue form the oven after it happens it will take you around ten-fifteen minutes. However if you wait for the end of the week you’ll need at least half an hour to properly clean the residue.

The Final Solution

Of course there is another way to keep your home clean, which involves just a phone call to the right cleaning company. There are many which offer different kind of services, but before you choose one you have to learn if they use green cleaning solutions. The one I use does not only that but also has the most advanced equipment. They offer great deals which Save me a lot of money not to mention time and efforts.

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